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Total assets of banks in Vietnam swell 9.12% to over US$518 billion
Total assets of commercial banks under state ownership accounted for 42.7% of the total in the banking sector, followed by joint stock commercial banks with 41.6%.
14:43, 2020/43/20
Profit of Vietnam banking sector predicted to grow 22.5% in 2020
In 2020, the credit growth is expected to be in range of 13 – 13.5%, down from 13.7% last year.
10:02, 2020/02/11
Foreign financiers deepens engagement in Vietnamese market
Rising foreign investment flow in Vietnam has prompted overseas banks to expand operation in the country.
16:42, 2020/42/04
Bancassurance becomes crucial growth driver for banks in Vietnam
Bancassurance income is set to have much potential to grow both at sector-wide and individual bank level, according to a brokerage.
16:37, 2020/37/04
Vietnam c.bank's new circular to turn US$1.73 billion required reserves to loans
The circular lists cases that credit institutions are granted a reserve requirement waiver or a lower reserve requirement ratio.
13:01, 2020/01/01
External issues deemed biggest risk for Vietnam’s stock market in 2020
The biggest support for the market is expected to come from the consistent policy implementation by the government to stabilize macroeconomic factors and encourage domestic firms to develop.
16:04, 2019/04/30
Vietnam’s 4 state-run banks to qualify for Basel II in 2020
By the end of 2020, all commercial banks are required to meet Basel II standards, a condition for local lenders to expand their respective credit growth limit and increase registered capital.
01:50, 2019/50/24
Vietnam banks' capital to remain weak after Basel II delay: Fitch Ratings
Fitch analysts were upbeat about continued strong economic growth in Vietnam, which makes near-term stress unlikely and underpins their stable outlook for the banking sector.
11:27, 2019/27/18
Vietnam government to consider reducing ownership at state-run commercial banks
Vietnam is committed to opening the financial market to foreign investors, particularly in financial services.
09:17, 2019/17/10
JP Morgan expects high growth and profitability from Vietnamese banks
It is a rare combination where Vietnamese banks are growing fast and are quite profitable, said an expert at JP Morgan.
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