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NATO rediscovers its past
It was the biggest shakeup of NATO since the Cold War in the way how NATO would deal with Russia just now and in the future.
21:51, 2022/11/02
Attack as the best defense
Ukraine needs military success of any kind to show its capabilities to resist Russia's military powers and to encourage its Western supporters to continue backing Ukraine in its war with Russia.
10:58, 2022/08/24
Risky for one, dilemma for others
All G20 members but Russia will be in a dilemma if Russia's Vladimir Putin travels to the summit.
16:59, 2022/06/29
G7 - More show than relevance
It is typical and traditional in the world of G7 that all happenings at the G7 annual summit would quickly fall into oblivion.
18:55, 2022/06/27
BRICS in dilemma
They have to balance their relationships between Russia and their Western partners.
07:33, 2022/06/21
More smoke than fire
Ukraine is moving closer to the EU or, better to say, the EU is pulling Ukraine closer to the EU.
12:18, 2022/05/21
The Other Game
The confrontation between Nato and Russia in Europe will reach new heights.
15:50, 2022/04/05
Vietnam's GDP growth set to rebound to 5.3% in 2022: World Bank
In the medium term, Vietnam’s vision to become an upper-middle-income economy will depend on its ability to evolve from its current growth model to productivity and innovation-led growth model.
18:29, 2022/03/19
Europe's new reality
After the Ukraine-problem were solved, countries and people in Europe will need very much time to overcome the militarily, geopolitically, and a new security-politically division of the continent
17:55, 2022/02/15
Right way but wrong approach
Exploring every chance and possibility to make wars impossible before wars become possible is always worth to be done and necessary.