31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Russia considers ASEAN credible strategic partner: Putin
Russia supports ASEAN’s central role in promoting dialogue, cooperation, and trust-building in the region.
09:42, 2021/42/24
Hanoi seeks further support from Russia in vaccine supplies
The Covi-19 pandemic has not prevented the rise in the bilateral relationship, which has been fortified with a focus on mutual support in pandemic response and economic cooperation.
21:29, 2021/29/16
Putin pledges to support Vietnam in Covid-19 fight
Vietnam and Russia agreed to strengthen cooperation in the post-pandemic period, facilitate trade, investment, and major projects in priority fields.
15:57, 2021/57/04
Russia commits to supply 20 million Covid-19 vaccine doses for Vietnam
Russia has transferred technology to produce made-in-Russia Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccines to Vietnam.
20:34, 2021/34/01
Vietnam seeks to strengthen cooperation with Russia, Australia
Trade, investment, and economy are major pillars in cooperation between Vietnam and its key partners.
20:26, 2021/26/31
Int’l Army Games 2021 kicked off in Vietnam today
This is the first time Vietnam hosts competitions in the International Army Games.
21:43, 2021/43/15
Vietnam Railways seeks new market opportunity in Europe
The rail freight link between Vietnam and Belgium is a major milestone for the railway industry.
21:32, 2021/32/04
Russia, India pledge support for smooth supply chain in ASEAN
The two countries have expressed their hope to forge the relations with ASEAN through the 2021-2025 Action Plans.
15:31, 2021/31/13
Vietnam warships to compete at int’l Army Games for 1st time
Vietnam’s two Gepard 3.9 frigates will compete at the “Sea Cup” competition.
23:05, 2021/05/30
Breakthrough impossible
Only by overcoming their bilateral disputes, Russia and the US could reach some breakthrough in the direction towards normalization and improvement of their relationships.
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