31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
A new pandemic-induced conflict
On the other side of this new conflict, China and Russia seemed to be facing a new necessity to unite themselves in one front to counter the alliance just established by the US.
09:11, 2020/11/17
Vietnam donates face masks to Japan, US, Russia
Vietnam has shared its limited resources with major partners in the region and the world in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.
17:45, 2020/45/15
Oil price war: Good and positive but not enough and sustainable
Honoring commitments is not the known virtue of OPEC+ members.
07:21, 2020/21/30
March 29: Vietnam confirms 14 more coronavirus cases, 6 linked to Bach Mai Hospital
So far, 18 coronavirus cases in Vietnam are linked to Hanoi-based Bach Mai Hospital, which has become the largest Covid-19 outbreak epicenter in the country.
09:13, 2020/13/29
March 28: Coronavirus cases in Vietnam reach 174, five linked to Bach Mai Hospital
Half of the newly-detected cases on March 28 are linked to Bach Mai Hospital, the largest hospital in Vietnam.
13:33, 2020/33/22
Vietnam closes borders to foreigners as coronavirus infection toll nears 100
Vietnam's spokeswoman said all protective measures are based on the virus situation and with no discrimination against anyone.
02:10, 2020/10/16
Legal foundation for Putin to seek another presidential terms
Until now, Putin has neither disclosed his intention to run again for presidency nor exclude this possibility.
10:05, 2020/05/30
Vietnam signs US$350 million deal to buy jets from Russia
The purchase confirms that Russia is the biggest arms supplier of Vietnam.
17:50, 2020/50/03
The best choice for Russia
Putin has been increasingly upsetting the West but for Russia in the last twenty years he has been the right man for the right job at the right time.
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