31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam predicted to have 138,000 new enterprises in 2020
The number of newly established enterprises in 2020 would be around the figure recorded a year ago.
16:22, 2020/22/03
Vietnam determined to remain safe from Covid-19 as winter nears
Vietnam’s Ministry of Health has introduced a map of safe living with Covid -19 to control any outbreak nationwide.
11:57, 2020/57/28
Vietnam gold prices hit all-time high amid Covid-19 resurgence
In the long term, high gold prices could affect prices of other goods, weaken the Vietnamese dong and push inflation, said expert Nguyen Tri Hieu.
16:26, 2020/26/16
Vietnam warned of repeated Covid-19 pandemic outbreak
Vietnam needs to conduct measures to assess the risk of an outbreak in the whole country so as to prepare an appropriate response.
23:02, 2020/02/23
April 23: Vietnam’s coronavirus count unchanged at 268 in seventh straight day
Vietnam tops countries worldwide for the number of coronavirus tests per confirmed case.
17:53, 2020/53/17
Vietnam intensifies pandemic aid to Cambodia, Laos
Vietnam, though struggling to fight against the virus at home, has extended its support to the neighboring countries of Laos and Cambodia.
22:39, 2020/39/14
April 14: 23 Covid-19 patients in Vietnam recover, convalescents account for 63.53%
The new case of the day is from Hanoi, keeping the city on the lead for the number of infections.
09:49, 2020/49/12
How Vietnam promotes its ASEAN cohesive role in coronavirus battle?
Hanoi has activated all virtual channels available to keep ASEAN discussions ongoing.
14:39, 2020/39/03
Challenges of online classes during Covid-19 pandemic
The biggest shortcoming of online classes is how to test and evaluate students.
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