31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam donates Laos US$2 million for pandemic fight
Laos is one of the largest recipients of Vietnam’s Covid relief since the pandemic flared up in early 2020.
18:02, 2021/02/20
Vietnam supports South Sudan with medical equipment
The aid includes 1,000 medical protective clothes and 100,000 antibacterial face masks, which have been delivered to South Sudan by the Royal Australian Air Force.
12:05, 2021/05/23
Vietnam hands over big Covid-19 relief to Cambodia
The supporting package to Cambodia is one of Vietnam’s biggest reliefs to other countries in the pandemic.
15:41, 2021/41/22
ASEAN proposes using Covid-19 Response Fund for vaccines purchasing
The fund is aimed to assist member states with vaccine procurement and rollout plans.
08:42, 2020/42/13
Vietnam commits US$5 million to ASEAN Covid-19 medical supply reserves
The joint fund gets ready to support countries in case of public health emergencies or when needed.
18:13, 2020/13/31
Vietnam authorities seize nearly 1 million poor quality face masks
Vietnam’s market surveillance authority seized over 150,000 counterfeit 3M face masks , the largest case of intellectual property infringement in the country so far this year.
12:21, 2020/21/19
Vietnam plays big part in Laos success in containing Covid-19: Amb.
Not only financial means, Vietnam has also provided medical equipment and expertise to help Laos in the fight against the pandemic, said the Lao ambassador to Vietnam.
11:54, 2020/54/15
Vietnam seeks US cooperation in ventilator production
The complicated evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic in the US is partly attributable to the lack of medical equipment, including ventilators.
11:51, 2020/51/07
Vietnam has sufficient equipment to take care of 10,000 Covid-19 patients
Vietnam is trying to produce invasive and non-invasive ventilators to replace imported ones.
20:49, 2020/49/23
US mulls importing Vietnam’s medical equipment for Covid-19 fight
Since late January 2020, health agencies of the two countries have shared information and data to combat Covid-19.
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