31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
World Bank and Japan support community-based care for elderly in Vietnam
It is estimated that 27,000 people in six provinces of Vietnam will benefit from the project’s interventions, 70% of them are elderly.
16:46, 2021/46/17
Vietnam to be among first countries ratifying RCEP
The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) was one of Vietnam’s major achievements when the country was serving as the Chair of ASEAN in 2020.
11:19, 2021/19/16
Vietnam, Japan boost cooperation
The two countries are facing maritime disputes with China.
18:03, 2021/03/12
Vietnam - Japan cooperation focuses on military medicine and cybersecurity
Under a “New Level” cooperative relationship, Japan and Vietnam will collaborate at various levels.
15:54, 2021/54/25
WB, Japan strengthen pandemic preparedness at grassroots level in Vietnam
It is estimated that 270,000 people will benefit from the project’s interventions with at least 3,500 people from vulnerable groups.
20:51, 2021/51/13
Japan commits comprehensive support for Vietnam amid pandemic
The Japan-Vietnam strategic partnership has been strengthened over the years.
11:52, 2021/52/16
Vietnam named first time among world’s top 20 host economies for FDI
The result remained positive at a time when the Covid-19 crisis led to a 35% contraction in global FDI flows to US$1 trillion, the lowest level since 2005.
14:10, 2021/10/14
Ministries join hands in promoting sustainable agriculture
Vietnam’s agricultural exports surged 27.8% year-on-year to US$21.4 billion in the first six months, or 13.7% of the country’s total export turnover.
22:15, 2021/15/13
JULY 13: Vietnam to treat asymptomatic Covid-19 cases at home
Vietnam offered vaccination to more than 1,000 employees of foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
22:08, 2021/08/29
Japan extends support to Vietnam’s Covid-19 fight
Japan has recently provided two million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to Vietnam, not to mention uncountable support since early 2020.
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