31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Consumer spending in Vietnam continues to outpace ASEAN peers
Vietnam’s modern grocery retail and pharmacy sector will benefit specifically from the country’s consumer spending growth story.
22:06, 2020/06/20
Vietnam car market ranks fourth in Southeast Asia
Vietnam's localization rate for passenger cars of under nine seats is 7 - 10%, much lower than the target of 35 - 45% set for the car industry 20 years ago.
23:34, 2020/34/18
Vietnam eases grip on car import
As Vietnam is deepening global economic integration, competition is inevitable, which leads to the government's decision to ease restrictions on car import.
16:01, 2020/01/31
Vietnam: Fastest-growing digital economy in Asia-Pacific
The digital sector is expected to contribute 30% to Vietnam's economy by 2030.
11:13, 2019/13/25
Regional countries join chorus to show concern about South China Sea situation
Chinese aggression in the South China Sea has angered regional countries which demand Beijing to closely follow international law.
11:52, 2019/52/25
Vietnam’s imported cars up 95% in Jan-Nov
The majority of imported cars in Vietnam in November came from Thailand and Indonesia.
20:09, 2019/09/23
Market cap of Vietnamese firms much smaller compared to regional peers
The number of small enterprises upgrading to mid-sized and from mid-sized to large ones is very low, while the capital accumulation process among private companies has not been up to standard.
18:38, 2019/38/13
Vietnam forgoes US$536.83 million tax under FTA commitments
The contribution of import duty to customs revenue has been declining over the past few years, from 21.85% in 2017 to 17.4% in 2018 and 16.7% in 2019.
00:25, 2019/25/06
Vietnam to champion ‘cohesive’ ASEAN in 2020 amid more assertive China
The ASEAN chair is by tradition expected to show restraint and place the region’s interests before its own.
15:07, 2019/07/05
Vietnam startups receive US$750 million in funding in Jan – Oct
The growth in investment size in Vietnamese startups over the past few years makes the target of having tech unicorns right in Vietnam feasible, Chu Ngoc Anh, minister of Science and Technology stressed.
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