31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
How Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia react to US rejection of China’s South China Sea claims?
Hanoi, Manila, and Jakarta have made comments shortly after the US strengthened position in the sea of more than US$5 trillion worth of trade transits per year.
11:36, 2020/36/13
Favorable conditions expected to boost Vietnam automobile sales in H2
A reduction of 50% of the registration fee for domestic cars and the removal of import tariff for car parts not available domestically would help boost the domestic car market.
13:39, 2020/39/18
Fees and charges make up growing shares in Vietnam state budget revenue
Such increases have created a burden on the citizens, while multinationals are taking advantage of Vietnam’s incentive policies to avoid taxes.
07:45, 2020/45/13
Domestic tourism helps air traffic in Hanoi jump strongest in Southeast Asia
People’s mobility, on average, is almost back to normal in Vietnam.
14:30, 2020/30/14
Vietnam’s car imports plunge 36.2% in 4 months
The majority of imported cars in Vietnam in April came from Thailand and Indonesia.
12:36, 2020/36/09
Localization rate in Vietnam’s car industry remains low compared to regional peers
The main issues of the local automobile industry lie in the inability to master core technologies such as engine production, the control and transmission systems.
13:08, 2020/08/14
Vietnam’s imported cars down 32.6% in Q1
The majority of imported cars in Vietnam in March came from Thailand and Indonesia.
17:49, 2020/49/28
Vietnam automobile companies face gloomy outlook in 2020
Under the growing impacts of the pandemic, market demand is forecast to plunge, while oversupply and the burden of liquidating inventories would lead to lower selling prices.
16:58, 2020/58/25
VND more resilient compared to regional peers amid Covid-19: VinaCapital
With nearly US$83 billion of foreign exchange reserves, the State Bank of Vietnam has more than enough reserves to comfortably meet redemptions.
15:15, 2020/15/18
Vietnam imposes mandatory quarantine to all visitors from ASEAN, Europe, US
Vietnam made the move after a surge in infections in neighboring countries and Europe.
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