31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Hanoi's Old Quarter comes alive ahead of Halloween
This year, the most popular Halloween decorations for sale at Hang Ma Street are pumpkins, skeletons, skulls and ghost costumes.
15:05, 2020/05/28
Story of wood
For over five decades, the tiny lathe-store-cum-house of artisan Le Dinh Thang in Hanoi's Old Quarter area still attracts passers-by by its own beauty - the uniquely beauty that only be seen in Hanoi.
14:19, 2020/19/29
A day in the life of a blacksmith
Nowadays, in a modern world, many traditional crafts have disappeared but still remained artisans who are trying to keep the tradition in every corner of Hanoi's Old Quarter, helping ensure that the past is not forgotten but preserved as evidence of a city with history of thousands of years.
16:05, 2020/05/10
Timeless traces of Hang Bai street
Once a village of the ancient Hanoi, Hang Bai street is now among the busiest roads near the Old Quarter.
18:56, 2020/56/29
Without foreign tourists, Hanoi’s Old Quarter souvenir shops and hotels shut down
Covid-19 has put catering services and fashion shops in the Old Quarter in a dire situation.