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Hanoi’s first metro line offcially inaugurated
Hanoians have been eager and excited to experience the country’s first metro project after long wait.
23:35, 2021/35/04
Hanoi’s first metro line to start operating from Nov 6
The China-financed urban railway took 10 years of construction and exceeded 205% of the initial investment.
14:26, 2020/26/19
Hanoi's first metro line to conduct final test run for inspection purposes
The first urban metro line is one of eight key public transport lines planned for Hanoi.
08:50, 2020/50/09
Hanoi’s first metro line to conduct test run by end-2020
The urban metro line is one of the key public transport projects in Hanoi.
15:34, 2020/34/03
Hanoi’s first metro line is not allowed to miss another deadline
Hanoi’s first metro line is being delayed eight times and its budget has been overrun several times, which has caused public frustration.
20:10, 2020/10/25
Hanoi to complete test run for its first metro line by end-2020
Hanoi’s first metro line is one of the key public transport projects in the capital city.
15:38, 2020/38/20
Hanoi will operate its first metro line only when safety is ensured: Mayor
Hanoi's first metro line is still pending a number of key tasks to be inaugurated such as the evaluation of safety and quality.
13:14, 2020/14/18
Chinese contractor of Hanoi's metro line withdraws demand for US$50 million down payment
Vietnam's transport ministry sees the obstacles encountered by the Chinese contractor but the payment is unjustifiable.
19:58, 2020/58/11
Hanoi’s first metro line must start running in 2020: PM Phuc
The order from PM Phuc came after months of reports that the first metro line in Vietnam is 1% away from completion.
13:49, 2020/49/09
Hanoi Party chief expects Chinese-invested metro line to start rolling by October
Hanoi’s authorities have planned to work with the Ministry of Transport to find ways to put the Cat Linh-Ha Dong urban railway project into commercial service as soon as possible.
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