31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
More libraries to open in 2021
Hanoi plans to open 10 more libraries and bookcases in suburban areas and launch 50 mobile libraries to schools this year to foster the reading culture among locals and pupils.
18:33, 2021/33/15
Government leader wants new measures to stop Covid-19 outbreak
Although agencies and localities have made many efforts, there are still existing problems that require more drastic actions to control the pandemic.
15:27, 2020/27/30
What are missions of Hanoi’s mayor and deputies?
The Hanoi People’s Committee is the State administrative body in Hanoi city, exercising Vietnam’s Constitution and laws, the government’s documents, and resolutions by the municipal People’s Council.
15:12, 2020/12/29
Spreading messages of civilized code of conduct
For nearly 4 years, Hanoians, especially cadres, civil servants, and workers have been familiar the phrase “Code of Conduct”, a basis for advocacy, guiding and educating people to live and behave in accordance with the norms of society.
16:09, 2020/09/21
Guaranteed a safe 2021 festive season: Hanoi People's Committee
Strict control measures will be conducted to ensure safety for people and visitors in Hanoi during the festive season.
12:33, 2020/33/05
Ha Noi to ensure demand-supply balance of goods for Tet
The city will implement solutions to raise the domestic demand, increasing the total retail volume of goods and turnover of consumer services in the city.
18:09, 2020/09/09
Hanoi elects five new vice mayors
With the new election, the Hanoi People's Committee has one chairman and six chairpersons for the 2021-26 term.
13:23, 2020/23/16
Saving resources for wage reforms, development investment spending: Hanoi Party Chief
The city leaders discussed solutions to accelerate public investment in the city and ensure social welfare.
22:37, 2020/37/03
PM urges Hanoi to lead economic recovery efforts
For this year, the city targets an economic growth rate in a range of 4.5% - 5% to ensure an expansion 1.3 times the national average.
14:50, 2020/50/01
Hanoi to bank on Industry 4.0 for rapid and sustainable development: Mayor
The development of the knowledge economy, urban economy and innovative startups is priority of Hanoi, stated the city’s recently-elected mayor.
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