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Hanoi maintains growth momentum for development
Priorities for Hanoi in 2023 include the execution of major transport projects, carrying out a decentralization scheme within the state apparatus, and allocating funds for investment in culture, health and education.
14:30, 2022/30/29
Hanoi GRDP expands by 8.89% in 2022
The city expects to continue building up its economic resilience and adaptability against external shocks to ensure the economic growth of 7% in 2023.
09:48, 2022/48/08
Hanoi’s GRDP growth set to hit 8.89% in 2022
Digitalization will stay central in Hanoi’s efforts for socio-economic development next year.
15:28, 2022/28/21
Hanoi’s GRDP growth set to expand by 8.8% in 2022
A timely shift in the Covid-19 response to safe and flexible adaptation to the Covid-19 pandemic helped the city attain positive results in socioeconomic development.
21:08, 2022/08/31
Hanoi’s economy continues positive progress
The city is on the right track to realizing the economic growth target of 7-7.5%. for this year.
11:50, 2022/50/18
Hanoi aims for high economic growth this year
Hanoi continues to foster innovation and startups for greater productivity, quality, and overall efficiency of the economy.
15:06, 2022/06/03
Hanoi's GRDP growth surges 9.69% in nine months
Strong economic recovery has sparked bright sentiment among the business community toward the remainder of the year.
16:18, 2022/18/11
Hanoi maps out major tasks in Q4 to keep propelling growth
Hanoi plans several major to-do tasks in the fourth quarter of the year as local authorities seek stronger socio-economic recovery.
11:55, 2022/55/18
Hanoi stands firm on GDP growth target of 7-7.5% in 2022
The local economy has seen a strong recovery during the second quarter of 2022 with the GRDP expanding by 9.49%, beating the expectation of 6.4-6.9% set in early 2022.
14:58, 2022/58/06
Hanoi People’s Council ratifies resolution on speeding up socio-economic development
Hanoi would focus on accelerating disbursement of public investment funds and enhancing the quality of state governance in various fields.
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