Vietnamese unique festival: Khau Vai Love Market 2021 to open in May
At the market, ex-lovers are reunited, talk about their current marriages and warm up their lost love.
09:28, 2020/28/27
Ha Giang province cultural and commercial space attracts Hanoi visitors
The cultural space of the northernmost province successfully closed on December 27 after two days of running.
08:08, 2020/08/23
April 22: Vietnam passes six days without new coronavirus cases
On the day, a town of 7,600 people in North Vietnam was placed under lockdown.
19:44, 2019/44/25
Capturing enthralling pinky buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang this November
For the locals in the northern mountainous of Cao Bang and Ha Giang, the buckwheat seeds also serve as an additional food supplement between two seasons and its weeds and leaves could be used as medicine.