31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Discovering must-go bars and pubs in Hanoi
Serving from beer, cocktail to wine or playing from pop, rock, acoustic, jazz to techno, each bar & club contributes to the diverse color to the night life in the city.
16:15, 2020/15/09
Vietnam to reopen int'l air routes to pandemic-controlled regions
Many provincial authorities also have recommended allowing the entry of foreign experts and managers to run on-going projects.
15:48, 2020/48/05
Hanoi’s tourism gradually recovers from Covid-19 impacts
The city’s tourism industry saw a slight increase in number of tourists in May compared to April.
15:23, 2020/23/02
Japan, Philippines, South Korea plan to reopen borders to Vietnam
Airlines of Japan, the Philippines and South Korea plan to resume international flights to Vietnam.
14:20, 2020/20/31
Int'l arrivals to Vietnam keep falling on border closure
Arrivals from key source markets continued to decrease in May.
07:30, 2020/30/30
Hanoi tourism industry urged to speed up plan to lure domestic visitors
The city’s tourism sector has initiated many stimulus packages to attract visitors.
16:54, 2020/54/29
Vietnam ministries study resumption of inbound tourism
The decisions about the resumption of inbound tourism will depend on the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam and the world.
15:07, 2020/07/29
Vietnam keeps borders shut to foreign tourists
Vietnam’s inbound tourism services would only be resumed once safety conditions are met.
03:38, 2020/38/15
What to do in Hanoi in 24 hours: Nightlife
Night activities in this millennial city may surprise visitors and leave deep impressions.
23:37, 2020/37/14
What to do in Hanoi in 24 hours?
Every hour in Hanoi is a memorable time to capture the beauty of the millennial city from different perspectives, from traditional to modern.
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