31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
“Stay at home with Vietnam” online tour launched for foreigners in Covid-19 time
There are still plenty of ways to experience Vietnam from home when travelers have put away their passports temporarily.
15:13, 2020/13/16
Vietnam’s tourism ministry gives support to stranded foreign tourists
Local hospitality businesses need to collect, update and report to the tourism authorities about the number of foreign guests who are forced to stay at their facilities due to reasons beyond their control.
09:43, 2020/43/11
Vietnam scans stranded foreign tourists to support their repatriation
The Transport Ministry has been assigned to arrange the repatriation of foreigners who wish to leave Vietnam.
12:39, 2020/39/17
Outstanding vintage cafes in Hanoi
Wandering in small streets in the city, you can stray into a vintage cafe which is like a time machine taking you back to some period of the old days, to uncover a different Hanoi.
15:41, 2020/41/20
Hanoi remains a friendly-safe destination for foreign tourists despite Covid-19
Many enterprises operating in the tourism industry have acted together to keep Hanoi a welcoming and safe destination for foreign tourists despite Covid-19 fears.
17:49, 2020/49/18
Vietnam to strictly handle acts of discrimination against foreign tourists
All individuals and organizations involving in tourism industry are asked to strictly abide by the Tourism Law provisions on non-discrimination against tourists.
13:40, 2020/40/19
Foreign tourists feel safe in Hanoi amid Covid-19 epidemic
At this time, Hanoi is still a safe and reliable destination, and that is why the capital city is chosen by many tourists.
17:44, 2020/44/03
Vietnam major airlines face no-growth scenario in 2020 on coronavirus
KB Securities predicted there would be flat growth in foreign tourist arrivals to Vietnam in 2020, compared to 15% growth in 2019.
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