Vietnam News Highlights for May 30, 2023
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10:50, 2023/04/25
Vietnam news highlights for April 25, 2023
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10:47, 2023/04/14
Hanoi strengthens inspection to ensure food safety in school canteens
The Hanoi People's Committee has issued a decision to set up an intersectoral inspection team during the "Action Month for Food Safety 2023," which will run from April 15 to May 15.
11:35, 2023/02/02
Hanoi tightens food safety management after Tet
Local authorities will take strong measures to ensure food safety in the kitchens of industrial parks, schools, and government agencies.
17:19, 2022/11/18
Hanoi tightens control over food safety at wet markets
Rapid food testing points will enable consumers to choose safe food amid loose management at wet markets.
15:15, 2022/09/23
Stronger regulations needed to control dietary supplements
Law specialists have raised ideas to improve existing rules to better manage the advertising and sale of dietary supplements and protect the interests and health of consumers.
07:13, 2022/09/27
Overlaps and lack of labs hamper food safety control
Overlapping in inspection and monitoring activities among regulatory agencies is also a reason for inefficient food safety management.
11:50, 2021/11/22
Vietnamese consumers willing to spend more on online food
Quality and food safety are key points for the positive growth of food delivery.
07:32, 2021/11/19
“Do it yourself” at home for safety and healthy living
Covid-19 has changed the Hanoi people’s habits of consumption.
09:18, 2021/11/13
Hanoi strives to ensure food safety amid the pandemic
Hanoi will keep enforcing regulations on food safety in production establishments to ensure people's health and safety.
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