31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam to license 5G commercialization in 2022
5G is predicted to become the dominant mobile access technology in 2027.
18:57, 2021/57/22
Vietnamese ICT businesses urged to work together for digital economy’s goals
Revenue from the information and communication technology industry (ICT) has grown over the past months.
22:36, 2021/36/10
Vietnam’s digital economy to value US$220 billion by 2030
Digital financial services have seen healthy growth, especially in the adoption of e-wallets and account-to-account, fueled by both merchant adoption and consumer usage.
17:54, 2021/54/02
UK and Vietnam enhance cooperation in digital economy
Opportunities are open for expanding cooperation between regulatory bodies of the UK-Vietnam on digital transformation and digital economy.
17:25, 2021/25/01
USAID-funded project to improve Vietnam's tech workforce
The latest initiative is seeking potential training partners who can help local workers have jobs after finishing the courses.
09:58, 2021/58/29
Vietnam needs to perfect its legal framework for digital economy
Policies to support small and medium enterprises to join the process of digital transformation are necessary.
14:24, 2021/24/03
Vietnam to foster digital economy in cooperation with partners: PM
The country with a network of 17 free trade agreements and a market of 100 million people has huge potential for digital economy development.
21:40, 2021/40/31
Digital economy is being shaped in Vietnam: Experts
Vietnam and other ASEAN countries have a huge opportunity to attract investment capital into hi-tech fields.
08:45, 2021/45/14
Australia and Vietnam bolster ICT cooperation
It is an opportunity for Vietnamese IT companies to strengthen their connection with Australian pairs and vice versa.
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