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Bustling Christmas street in Hanoi
It is time for local people to go shopping and taking photos with a lot of beautiful decorations in Hang Ma street.
20:29, 2020/29/20
Chrismas comes early for child patients at Vietnam National Children's Hospital
Nearly 2,000 child patients enjoyed the "Love Christmas 2020" program, which was organized by the Vietnam National Children's Hospital. It is expected to energize and encourage the children to overcome their diseases.
15:49, 2020/49/20
Hanoi streets sparkle ahead of Christmas
Stores on Hanoi’s Old Quarter street at nights are glowing with lights and decorations during the Christmas season.
07:30, 2020/30/20
Hanoi residents must don face masks in churches during Christmas: Official
Localities and units in Hanoi need to monitor crowded events and map out plans on the pandemic prevention during the occasions of Christmas and New Year.
06:20, 2020/20/10
Where to see Christmas lights in Hanoi?
Hanoi transforms into a stunning city with many Christmas lights, giving people the most picturesque holiday.
15:35, 2020/35/07
Young Hanoians flock into Hang Ma street ahead of Christmas
Hanoi’s street is becoming colorful when Christmas approaching..
18:45, 2019/45/25
Thousands of people in Hanoi, HCM City flock downtown to celebrate Christmas
In front of the Cathedral, many people play Santa Claus to deliver presents and to take snapshots with children.
18:10, 2019/10/24
Hanoi overwhelmed of colorful lights and vibrancy during Christmas Eve
As Christmas is drawing nearer, Hanoi becomes more vibrant and bustling than ever with shimmered lights and decorations across the streets, shopping malls and churches.
13:33, 2019/33/22
Ideal locations in Hanoi to celebrate Christmas
From the beginning of December, Hanoi’s streets are all decorated with Christmas patterns that create a festive environment helping any expats off being homesick in the night of Christmas.