31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Vietnam to attend AIPA-42
The event marks the first multilateral activity of the Vietnamese NA speaker since taking office in July 2021.
05:08, 2021/08/07
ASEAN-EU set to embark on free trade deal negotiation
A potential ASEAN-EU free trade agreement (FTA) should be based on existing trade deals between the EU and ASEAN members, including Vietnam.
16:53, 2021/53/05
Growing importance of ASEAN-New Zealand relations for region’s prosperity
The ASEAN-New Zealand strategic partnership plays a vital role in the peace, stability, and prosperity of the region.
15:21, 2021/21/05
ASEAN, Canada to initiate negotiation for FTA in 2021
Canada looked forward to working more closely with ASEAN and take the bilateral relations to a new height.
09:36, 2021/36/05
East Asia Summit promotes comprehensive recovery
Join hands to manage the Covid-19 pandemic, accelerate trade and investment, and explore ways to work more closely on recovery plans are the main driver of the regional countries.
21:32, 2021/32/04
Russia, India pledge support for smooth supply chain in ASEAN
The two countries have expressed their hope to forge the relations with ASEAN through the 2021-2025 Action Plans.
20:16, 2021/16/04
ASEAN appoints envoy to Myanmar
The special envoy is believed an excellent choice to facilitate mediation of the dialogue process with all parties concerned.
17:10, 2021/10/04
Australia announces $371 million investment package to aid ASEAN recovery
ASEAN and Australia are expected to strengthen cooperation in the research and production of Covid-19 vaccines.
15:49, 2021/49/04
ASEAN, US share views on peace and stability in East Sea
The US fully supports ASEAN’s stance on the East Sea and the bloc’s central role in resolving territorial disputes, stated the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.
18:41, 2021/41/03
China pledges more Covid-19 vaccines for ASEAN
China has donated 119 million doses and will continue providing more in addition to essential medical equipment to ASEAN.
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