31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
ASEAN+3 countries to prioritize Covid-19 response and recovery plan
The three countries pledged to continue vaccines and medical equipment donations to ASEAN countries.
20:11, 2021/11/21
Vietnam to contribute US$5 million medical supplies to ASEAN
The fund will be used to buy vaccines for the bloc's members.
20:49, 2021/49/15
Aligned interests to take Vietnam-Germany relations to new height
Strong commitments to uphold multilateralism and fight climate change are factors to spur the Vietnam-Germany relations in the next decade.
16:14, 2021/14/28
ASEAN advocates equal access to Covid-19 vaccines for all member countries
Leaders of ASEAN member countries are expected to call for contributions of different sectors and agencies within the bloc to the joint battle against the pandemic.
16:46, 2021/46/17
Vietnam to be among first countries ratifying RCEP
The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) was one of Vietnam’s major achievements when the country was serving as the Chair of ASEAN in 2020.
18:16, 2021/16/10
Vietnam calls for closer ASEAN-China economic linkage: Deputy PM
Solidarity and regional cooperation are necessary to fight off the pandemic and accelerate the economic recovery process.
14:06, 2021/06/08
ASEAN Economic Ministers agree to upgrade Trade in Goods Agreement
The ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement (ATIGA) is a major driving force that is aimed at facilitating trade among country members.
16:54, 2021/54/30
Vietnam looks for growth opportunity in ASEAN Smart Cities Network
Vietnam has proposed an initiative on investment kits for ASEAN smart urban cities as a way for member countries to better assess the feasibility of smart city projects.
21:13, 2021/13/26
Vietnam demonstrates commitment and responsibility to ensure AIPA success
Taking part in the AIPA-42 in the virtual format during the pandemic has a significant meaning as this was the first multilateral foreign affairs activity of Vietnam’s 15th National Assembly.
13:16, 2021/16/23
AIPA and ASEAN parliaments consolidate bloc strengths: Vietnam President
The regional legislative event is expected to support ASEAN member states to accelerate digital integration across the region.
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