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Purely bad omens
Ambassador Tran Duc Mau 12:16, 2021/04/05
There are only bad omens for the future of ties among the US, China and Russia.

At the moment, it looks not good for the ties between the US and both China and Russia. The presidency of US president Joe Biden is still very young but there have been more than enough hints and evidences showing or indicating that the relationships between the US and the two are now very tense and continue to be further deteriorated.

 US President Joe Biden. Photo: AFP/VNA

Mutual mistrust, economic competition and ideological confrontation are characteristic for the ties between the US and the two for the time being.


It is the new US administration with Joe Biden who induced a new chapter in its relations with China and Russia. Unlike his predecessor, he has opened at the same time fronts against China and Russia. He expressed how he thought about China and Russia by considering Russia's president Vladimir Putin as a "killer" and by asserting that China's president Xi Jinping had "not a democratic bone in his body". His approach towards China and Russia is more hostile than his predecessor so that both China and Russia now do not believe in perspectives of improvements in their relationships with the US as long as Biden's presidency would last.


There are only bad omens for the future of ties between the US and the two. While and because the US has been trying to forge alliances comprising of its allies and partners against Russia and China, the two are taking efforts to form alliances, too, against the US. This is something which hasn't been seen until now in the world politics and international relations.


China and Russia have been forced by the new approach of the Biden administration to seek new strategies to deal with the US. With certain concrete modifications, US president Joe Biden's policies towards China and Russia seem to orientate towards following four directions.


First, the US will strengthen itself on all aspects and compete with China and Russia so that they wouldn't become capable to lead or dictate the world both militarily and economically.


Second, the US doesn't intend to do alone with China and Russia but with the help of multilateral and international alliances it is now trying to form.


Third, in dealing with China and Russia, the US will pay more attention to issues like humane rights, democracy and the rule of law.


And fourth, where and when ever the US needs China's and Russia's cooperation, that means the US has to cooperate with China and Russia, for example with Russia in the field of nuclear disarmament or with China in climate issues, it would seek specific corporation with China and Russia.


Therefore, the world should be prepared for further deterioration, tension and confrontation in the ties between the US and China and Russia in the coming times.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by Ambassador Tran Duc Mau are of his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Hanoitimes.

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