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Public satisfaction for performance of administrative units at 85%: Survey
Ngoc Mai 18:19, 2021/06/24
The public wants more simplified administrative procedures and a shorter processing time.

The rate of public satisfaction towards the performance of administrative units nationwide reached 85% in 2020, showcasing a steady improvement from the rate of 81% recorded in 2017.

 Minister of Home Affairs Pham Thi Thanh Tra at the launch. Photo: Le Son

Minister of Home Affairs Pham Thi Thanh Tra revealed the result at the launch of the 2020 Satisfaction Index of Public Administration Services (SIPAS) on June 24, assessing the performance of public services in 16 fields in 63 provinces from citizen’s perspective, including the issuance of land use rights certificate, environment, driving, transportation, construction, and husbandry.

“While there have been no significant improvements in the highest score over the years, the lowest score witnessed a sharp rise from 67.70% in 2017 to 75.68% in 2020,” noted the minister.

According to Tra, from over 35,000 respondents in the survey, 5% said they were forced to visit public agencies several times to complete an administrative procedure.

“This phenomenon occurred in every province and city,” said Tra. Meanwhile, 1.23% of the people in 57 provinces andcities revealed they were troubled by public servants in the process of realizing the procedures; 0.59% had to pay the under-the-table fee, and 4% received the answer for the application behind schedule.

“The public wants more simplified administrative procedures and shorter processing time,” Tra added.

 A local at the Hanoi Department of Internal Affairs. Photo: The Hanoi Times

In the 2020 SIPAS, Quang Ninh continued to stay atop at 95.76%, followed by Haiphong (93.57%), Bac Giang (92.54%), and Hai Duong (92.20%). Those sitting at the bottom included Binh Thuan (75.68%), Dac Lak (77.42%), and Cao Bang (78.88%).

Hanoi’s drastic efforts in administrative reform last year have resulted in a sharp improvement in the SIPAS score by going from 80.09% in 2019 to 85.15% in 2020. 

In the 2020 Public Administration Reform Index (PAR), which assesses the administrative reform level of provinces and cities, ministries, and ministerial-level agencies, Quang Ninh claimed the top spot among provinces and cities at 91.04, with Haiphong (90.51) and Thua Thien Hue (88.47) in the second and third places.

Meanwhile, Hanoi fell down to 8th from 2nd in the 2019 ranking despite scoring a higher grade of 86.07 against 84.64.

The top three in the PAR Index for ministries and ministerial-level agencies, namely the State Bank of Vietnam, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Justice, remained unchanged compared to 2019. 

The three government agencies at the bottom were the Ministry of Science and Technology (85.15%), Ministry of Health (83.83%), and Ministry of Education and Training (83.24%).

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