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Vietnam to boost digital transformation faster
Nhat Minh 20:34, 2020/12/16
It is the right time for Vietnam to promote the growth of digital government, digital economy and digital society.
In order to realize the aspirations for national development, Vietnam must quickly seize the opportunity and implement the digital transformation faster, stronger and broader, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Huy Dung told the conference.
 The Internet Day 2020 entitled "“Digital Transformation in Vietnam: from Aspiration to Reality” is held on December 16 in Hanoi. Photo: Nhat Minh

Speaking at a conference with the theme “Digital Transformation in Vietnam: from Aspiration to Reality” held on December 16 in Hanoi, Mr. Dung underlined major directions for relevant agencies, businesses and internet users when embarking on the process.

Among the tasks, he stressed on the continual expansion of the number of new internet users. Under the goal of the National Digital Transformation Program, each citizen would have a smartphone and each household, a high-speed fiber-optic internet line.

"Another important direction is the development of a national digital infrastructure to meet the new requirements amid the explosion of internet of things (IoT) for smart devices and machine to machine communication; complete transformation of Vietnam's internet into IPv6 address space and make Vietnam a regional internet hub," Mr. Dung said.

He said the ministry will also develop an ecosystem of digital platforms, expand the national cyberspace and the scope of operations of Make in Vietnam digital platforms. In addition, ensuring information security, mastering digital infrastructure, cyberspace and protecting national digital sovereignty are also prioritized and focused tasks.

 Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Huy Dung addresses the conference on December 16. Photo: Nhat Minh

At the conference, a representative from VNG, an internet and technology company of Vietnam, raised three majors issues challenging the Government in boosting the development progress of the digital economy (including data) in next three years.

VNG Founder/CEO Le Hong Minh said the three issues, including the law on personal data protection, infrastructure (digital identity data - ID) and system for data exchange.

He said to develop the digital economy, creating trust among Vietnamese internet users on a secure cyber environment is the first and foremost task. Over recent years, personal data (especially phone number) has been leaked on the internet and the users are over-disturbed by spam calls.

"The ministry has put great efforts in preventing the issue but not it has not been wiped out all through," Mr. Minh said.

He suggested the government to focus on building the law on personal data protection for Vietnamese internet users, of which the users have rights to know where and how the personal data is used, or to agree and not for the usage.

He expected the law to be launched in the next 1-2 years. Besides, the CEO also expected to have a digital ID system in the next 3-5 years as part of infrastructure for the development of digital economy. Lastly, for the effective use of data, the government should encourage local enterprises and organizations in Vietnam can exchange data among them.

On Mr. Minh’s suggestions, Mr. Vu Hoang Lien, Chairman of the Vietnam Internet Association said that the proposals are right and appropriate because building the legal framework for the digital transformation is necessary. However, it takes much time to realize the proposals.

“It requires the technology application, human resources and the organization,” he told Hanoitimes.

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