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South Korea, Vietnam launch VITASK to boost support industry
The Vietnam Technology Advice and Solutions from Korea Center (VITASK) is expected to help Vietnamese automotive and electrical-electronic enterprises improve their capacity and deeply participate in the global supply chain.
05:43, 2020/12/04
SMEs to be assisted in digital transformation by 2025
The Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) and USAID/Vietnam are collaborating to support the Vietnamese enterprises in the process of digital transformation.
14:09, 2020/11/30
Vietnam renewables set for robust expansion: Fitch Solutions
Vietnam is set to face a surge in power demand and consumption over the coming decade, which is likely to outpace capacity growth in the near term, stated Fitch Solutions.
00:25, 2020/11/28
Singapore-based UOB helps lure US$1.12 billion in FDI to Vietnam
This comes on top of over US$2.24 billion that was already secured by the UOB to Vietnam as the bank helps companies seize opportunities in the region’s fastest-growing economy.
00:25, 2020/11/27
European businesses see Q4 investment more promising in Vietnam
European business leaders are more optimistic toward the end of 2020 as their confidence has rebounded in quarter 3.
11:21, 2020/11/26
Billions of dollars set to pour into Vietnam innovative startups
A network of Vietnamese talents around the world would help speed up the research and development of new technologies and applications in Vietnam, said a senior government official.
16:17, 2020/11/25
M&A as shortest way for foreign firms to penetrate Vietnam market
For the first time, the Vietnamese government would issue a list of sectors with limited market access for foreign investors under the negative list principle.
12:29, 2020/11/25
Vietnam banks remain attractive options for foreign investors
M&A activities in the banking sector are set to heat up in 2021, when the Covid-19 pandemic is fully contained and the majority of Vietnamese banks have completed their restructuring processes.
16:14, 2020/11/24
US investments set to continue flowing to Vietnam
Many tech firms in Silicon Valley are exploring opportunities of moving their production chains of electronic products to Vietnam, stated a representative of the US – ASEAN Business Council.
19:16, 2020/11/20
Huge investment potential for Vietnam coastal industrial zones
Coastal areas in Vietnam are set to receive attention from investors similar to those in China and Thailand, according to CBRE.
11:08, 2020/11/20
New direction for Vietnamese enterprises post-Covid-19
Many enterprises are now mapping out short-term business strategies of up to three years, given growing global uncertainties.
09:31, 2020/11/20
Challenges and opportunities from Covid-19 for Vietnam M&A market
Low interest rates could open up new opportunities for investors to take advantage of the cheap capital to buy shares and acquire new assets via M&A deals.
12:12, 2020/11/18
Vietnam–S.Korea ties strengthened after 28 years of diplomatic relations
Vietnam – South Korea relations are growing strongly in all spheres, which have brought mutual benefits and trust to all parties involved, stated a Vietnamese senior official.
13:38, 2020/11/16
Singapore, Vietnam launch ASEAN Smart Logistics Network
The latest SuperPort project is considered a contributor to cooperation in ASEAN and the Vietnam-Singapore friendship.
17:24, 2020/11/14
Mekong–Japan relations key to region’s security and prosperity
Five Mekong countries and Japan should continue to boost trade and investment cooperation to ensure long-term development, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has said.
16:31, 2020/11/13
Growing FDI commitments reinforce Vietnam investment competitiveness: WB
Close attention should be on the capacity of the Vietnamese economy to firm up its recovery from the coronavirus crisis, noted the World Bank.
11:49, 2020/10/31
Vietnam renewables hold great potential in ASEAN: VCCI Chair
Vietnam has become one of the most vibrant and attractive renewable energy markets in Southeast Asia.
10:32, 2020/10/08
Vietnam seeks investments from Japan, S.Korea into supporting industries
Vietnam will actively and selectively attract foreign investments, taking high-quality, efficiency, modern technology and environmental protection as the key benchmarks.
16:35, 2020/10/07
Australia's LOGOS acquires its first Vietnam development site in Hanoi
Hanoi and two other cities in Vietnam are key markets of the Australian logistics and real estate company.
15:07, 2020/10/06
Vietnam will likely receive more investment from supply chain shifts: AmCham
The US Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) will emphasize that trusted partners prosper together at an annual US-Vietnam Business Summit later this week.
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