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European businesses more positive about Vietnam investment environment in 2021
Many European business leaders expect to increase their investment in the first quarter of this year, up from 20% in third quarter of 2020.
16:07, 2021/02/05
Vietnamese Kim Dental secures US$24 million in Series B round
The Vietnamese company plans to build a leading dental clinic chain in Vietnam.
17:39, 2021/01/26
Vietnam needs a task force to promote business environment reform
The reform for the business environment is required to bring benefits for local businesses and people in the coming time.
08:34, 2021/01/26
RCEP reminds the world of Vietnam’s bright future
The latest step forwards for regional integration is a reminder for foreign investors that Vietnam is open for business.
17:56, 2021/01/22
Vietnam: potential market for India pharmaceuticals
Vietnam is currently among top 25 destinations for Indian pharmaceutical products.
18:08, 2021/01/10
Making Vietnam a regional destination of innovation: Vietnam PM
Vietnam needs bold investment in science, technology and innovation to increase productivity and added value as well as avoiding the middle-income trap.
06:44, 2021/01/07
Vietnam hospitals expected to accelerate digitalization process
Vietnam is one of the first countries to apply electronic medical declarations, Bluezone contact tracing application and Covid-19 safety maps.
15:50, 2021/01/05
Mekong Capital announces US$246-million investment fund in Vietnam
The fund will focus on retail, education, restaurants, consumer services, FMCG, and health care.
21:46, 2020/12/30
Vietnam’s first-ever law concerns public-private partnership
The law envisages that five sectors eligible for PPP investment including transportation, power industry, irrigation, healthcare, and infrastructure.
12:06, 2020/12/30
Vietnam strives towards promoting national brand in global market
Vietnam will do best efforts to take a high position in the international arena.
21:55, 2020/12/29
Competitive taxes to make Vietnam manufacturing hub in SE
Vietnam is believed to have the most competitive commercial tax regimes and local supply chains to lure foreign investors.
16:46, 2020/12/22
Vietnam urged to diversify energy resources: VBF 2020
Foreign business associations expect the Vietnamese government to further focus on the development of nuclear power.
14:14, 2020/12/22
More Japanese firms to leave China for Vietnam: Ambassador
Vietnam is the top choice for Japanese companies looking to diversify their supply chains, the Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam has said.
20:45, 2020/12/21
Vietnam Business Forum to open in Hanoi on December 22
The business community expects to get more support from the government to overcome impacts caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.
16:44, 2020/12/21
Vietnam emerges as top destination for global investors in 2020
Given uncertainties surrounding the US – China relations and the serious Covid-19 situations globally, Vietnam has become a logical choice in the eyes of investors.
13:22, 2020/12/19
Production shift from China to Vietnam set to increase demand for industrial parks
With the current minimum wage of US$132-190 per month, Vietnam has been listed in the top three ASEAN countries having the lowest labor cost.
17:57, 2020/12/18
Vietnam video-on-demand industry estimated at $105 million in 2020
Two thirds of marketers in Vietnam expected an increase in the allocation of the digital ad budget to programmatic ad next year, the 2nd highest percentage in the region.
08:04, 2020/12/17
Hanoi develops outlet malls to promote trade and tourism
The capital will pay attention to developing outlet malls and promote investment in large-scale outlet centers.
06:08, 2020/12/16
Vietnam business law should be more open to debt for equity swap
While debt-to-equity swap may pose risks to the economy, this practice is actually an efficient channel for enterprises to mobilize capital, Lawyer Ha Huy Phong, CEO of Inteco law firm told Hanoitimes in an interview.
11:16, 2020/12/15
More efforts needed to attract FDI into hi-tech farming
The Vietnamese government holds high hope for a green and safe agricultural sector that could be a driving force for growth just like the manufacturing and processing sector.
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