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Initiatives lead to changes hospitals in Hanoi
Anh Kiet 12:59, 2022/08/04
Initiatives applied in Hanoi's hospitals have contributed to improving the quality of healthcare and treatment services.

Initiatives and technical improvements at hospitals in Hanoi have led to a radical transformation of medical examination and treatment, according to Chairwoman of the Hanoi health sector’s Trade Union Trinh To Tam.

Tam said the initiatives applied in Hanoi's hospitals have contributed to improving the quality of healthcare and treatment services and patient satisfaction as well.

Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital is one of these hospitals having gained significant achievement in healthcare service thanks to initiatives given by its staff. 

Do Hong Thanh, deputy head of the Quality Management Department under Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, said the hospital annually launched a movement encouraging its staff, doctors and nurses to come up with great ideas for healthcare quality improvement.

 Initiative to improve mobility aids for patients after abdominal surgery of the On-Demand Treatment Department under the Vietnam - Germany Friendship Hospital. Photo: Huong Mi

Thanh cited an initiative according to which patients can book appointments through the hotline 19006922 or via the hospital's website at www.benhvienphusanhanoi.vn to save time.

“Patients having appointments booked are given priority to meet doctors. They will be triaged in accordance with the sequence of clinical and subclinical examinations. This helps patients to be examined quickly, without long waiting,” Thanh said.

"Thanks to timely handling of deficiencies, more than 90% of patients have shown satisfaction when they visit the hospital," he added.

Understanding the sequelae that patients may encounter after surgery, Master Nguyen Ba Anh, head of the Nursing Department of On-Demand Treatment at Vietnam-Germany Friendship Hospital, and his colleagues took the initiative to improve mobility aids for patients after abdominal surgery.

“This device has a full set of infusion racks, drainage bottles, and urine bags and can also adjust itself to suit the patient's height. Thanks to the mobility aid, the patient can walk early without fear of bleeding, wound rupture, intestinal adhesion, or intestinal obstruction after surgery,” Ba Anh said.

Besides, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Vietnam - Germany Friendship Hospital took the initiative to design an automatic sprayer. This is a type of sprayer using a magnetic valve, which can automatically spray disinfectant when someone passes by.

Another initiative that has also been effectively implemented in hospitals is the hair washing vehicle for seriously ill patients. This car is like a miniature hairdresser and can be moved to the patient's bed to wash their hair, saving nurses the work of carrying heavy buckets of water.

Towards patients' satisfaction

According to Chairwoman of the Hanoi health sector’s Trade Union Trinh To Tam, initiatives applied in Hanoi's hospitals have contributed to improving the quality of healthcare and treatment services for the patients' satisfaction.

“In the coming time, we will continue to launch emulation movements to stimulate creativity and innovation, all towards satisfaction of the patients and their relatives,” Tam stressed.

From a leader's perspective, Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Deputy Director Nguyen Thi Thu Ha said that the task of managers is to provide their best support and bring useful initiatives and ideas to life.

"In implementing ideas and initiatives, the hospital is determined to remove any obstacles that may arise. The most important goal is always to achieve patient satisfaction. The transformation in the hospital needs effort and determination to change on the part of the departments and the medical staff," Ha said.

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