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Incense offering to commemorate Tan Vien Son Genie
Thuy Duong- Quy Nguyen 08:32, 2020/12/23
The spiritual activity aims to pay tribute to the Tan Vien Son Genie, highlighting the Vietnamese tradition "When you drink water, think of its source."

On the morning of December 19 (or the 6th day of the eleventh month in the lunar calendar) the People's Committee of Ba Vi district held a solemn ceremony to commemorate the death anniversary of Genie Tan Vien Son at the Thuong Temple relic.

The traditional ritual procession has been completely restored this year incense offering ceremony to Tan Vien Son Genie/ Photo: Quy Nguyen

At the ceremony, Chairman of Ba Vi District People's Committee Do Manh Hung submitted a memorial letter to Tan Vien Son Genie, reporting about Ba Vi district’s achievements during the last year, as well as expressing his thankfulness to the Genie for giving a bumper crop, fine weather and good health to all local residents.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Hung said in 2020, Covid-19 pandemic has taken a heavy toll on the national socio-economic development and Ba Vi district is also no exception. However, with their endless efforts, the authority and people of the district still manage to achieve many positive results.

The total production value of the district reached over VND30 billion (US$1.3 million) this year.

Preparatory work for the ceremony of incense offering at Thuong temple/ Photo: Quy Nguyen

He said the local authorities have also paid attention to the development of local industries such as tourism, construction and handicrafts; science and technology; urban planning and management. Tap water supply has been a focus of attention, while budget revenue reached all-time high with more than VND402 billion (US$17.3 million).

Furthermore, the socio-cultural sphere continues to be a great concern for local authorities; the handling of people’s petition, inspection, maintenance of social order, administrative reform, government building, emulation and praise, security and defense, all have achieved remarkable results.

Chairman of Ba Vi District People's Committee Do Manh Hung reported to Tan Vien Son Genie about local socio-economic situation in 2020/ Photo: Quy Nguyen

In this year's incense offering ceremony, the organizing committee has performed all the traditional rituals such as opening ceremony, the Genie procession from Ba Vi National Park to Thuong Temple, among other rituals. Featuring a variety of typical Vietnamese traditional ritual imprints, the ceremony of Tan Vien Son Genie incense offering might become a religious activity at national level.

Traditionally, on the sixth day of the eleventh month of the lunar calendar each year, on the occasion of the death ceremony of Tan Vien Son Genie, the people and local authority of the Ba Vi district hold a ceremony to commemorate his merits. The ritual aims to educate the ethics of "When you drink water, think of its source" for the young generations of today and the future.

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