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"Hanoi initiatives network" expected to boost city's innovation
Nhat Minh 15:19, 2020/08/17
The city will encourage the involvement of private sector and mobilize all resources for science, technology and innovation development.

To realize the science and technology development tasks of the capital city for the period 2020 – 2015, the Hanoi Party Committee and the its peer of the Ministry of Science and Technology will cooperate in rolling out the "Hanoi initiatives network".

 Hanoi plans to build the initiatives network of the capital city for 2020-2025. Photo: Hanoimoi

Within the initiatives network, managers, intellectuals and entrepreneurs are expected to work together and find solutions to specific problems in the capital's development process. Breakthrough policies would be promulgated to attract, train, treat and use the contingent of intellectuals and scientists, especially technology experts, leading overseas Vietnamese scientists and those from other countries.

The two Party Committees’ meeting on July 14 set the main direction and tasks for science and technology development of Hanoi city in the 2020-2025 period. They include to strongly develop science, technology and innovation, put enterprises as the center to create a new driving force for development, and improve productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness of Hanoi's economy. 

The city will also encourage the involvement of the private sector, mobilize all resources for science, technology and innovation development, especially investment from enterprises.

The ministry and the city will coordinate efforts to focus on developing and improving the operational efficiency of the innovation system, building an innovative start-up ecosystem and the capital into a center for innovation and domestic and international innovation events, in close connection with the national and international innovation ecosystem; promote the formation of innovation centers in universities and academies.

The two sides will together promote the rapid development of a network of science and technology enterprises, high-tech businesses; strengthen links between businesses and research institutes, universities; improve the capacity to absorb and master new technologies, join production chains and high value-added chains.

At the meeting with the ministry on July 14, Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Vuong Dinh Hue assessed that Hanoi has great science and technology potential as there are 124 universities and 113 research institutes in the city (accounting for 80% of the country), 14 national key laboratories (accounting for 82% of the country), and 105 science and technology organizations established by public universities and research institutes.

The city plans to spend at least 1% of its GRDP on sci-tech and innovation by 2025.

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