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Hanoi targets 100% of population with accounts on public services portal
Hai Yen 14:07, 2023/03/27
It is expected that local governments will waive or reduce fees for the use of online public services and for online payments.

Hanoi aims to achieve 100% account registration in its online public services portal by 2023, while at least 50% of new documents will be received and processed online.

 Public officials at Trung Liet Ward, Dong Da District, guide locals on the use of online public services. Photo: The Hanoi Times

The move was part of the City's Plan No. 95 to implement National Project No. 06 to build a population database and electronic authentication and identification for national digitization in 2022-2025, with a vision to 2030.

The city will provide 100% of citizens with free digital signatures for electronic transactions and public service delivery.

Under Plan No. 95, Hanoi authorities identified implementing Government Project No. 06 as a crucial task that requires the active participation of all levels, sectors, and localities, leveraging the collective strength of the entire political system and the people.

The approach must be focused, prioritizing easy tasks first and progressively tackling more challenging ones, always following the guiding principle of "accurate, sufficient, clean, relevant" data and ensuring information security, the plan said.

"Improving the quality and efficiency of online public service delivery and facilitating the maximum participation of individuals and businesses must be pursued at all levels, sectors and localities," it said.

Furthermore, the development of digital citizenship and the use of population data, chip-based citizen identification and electronic authentication should be promoted in support of socio-economic development efforts.

To achieve the city's overall goals, the city's departments and sectors are assigned to take responsibility and coordinate the implementation of 23 specific tasks in seven groups. This year, the Hanoi People's Committee will submit a new policy to the Hanoi People's Council for approval. The policy aims to waive or reduce fees for online public services and online payments to encourage greater participation by individuals and businesses.

The city aims to simplify and streamline at least 20% of administrative procedures and citizen documents related to population management compared to when Project 06 was promulgated.

In addition, 80% of work records related to population management at the provincial, district, and commune levels should be processed in the network environment, and all population records should be created, stored, and shared electronically according to regulations.

By the end of 2022, Hanoi has successfully implemented all 25 essential public services according to the Roadmap of Project 06, having achieved 100% completed. Nine of the 25 public services will be fully online, without the need to submit applications in person.

Specifically, the Municipality is implementing various measures to encourage citizens to use public services, such as the organization of door-to-door and house-to-house campaigns to inform and assist citizens with the process of using public services online. These campaigns highlight the benefits of using public services, registering for electronic identification authentication, and using and sharing population data from the government's Project 06 National Population Database.

In addition, models to support people in accessing and using public services online have been developed and implemented in all districts and municipalities of the city.

To facilitate citizens' access to public services, various creative initiatives and methods have been implemented in all districts and cities of the city, such as the establishment of "Mobile Teams to Support Online Public Services at Home", the promotion of "Green Friday", "No Writing Tuesday", "Saturday Volunteering to Support People in Performing Online Public Services", and the establishment of "Support Points for Performing Administrative Procedures 24/24".

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