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Hanoi takes action on delayed privately funded projects
Ngoc Mai 17:42, 2023/07/12
The city will carry out the procedure with the utmost diligence and thoroughness due to the complex and delicate nature of the task, which is significant for the public.

Hanoi is determined to withdraw delayed, off-budget projects to minimize the waste of resources.

 The Paragon apartment building project in the Cau Giay district is among those that have fallen behind schedule. Photo: The Hanoi Times

The Office of the Hanoi People's Committee has released the instructions of Hanoi Mayor Tran Sy Thanh following his June 30 meeting to review the progress of extra-budgetary projects in Cau Giay District.

In the instruction, Thanh stressed the importance of closely monitoring and speeding up the implementation of extra-budgetary projects that use land.

This responsibility lies with the local People's Committee, which must issue clear guidelines for the effective execution of these projects.

"The primary goal is to accelerate investment in the comprehensive development of technical and social infrastructure in the region while minimizing the waste of land resources," he said.

Given the complexity and sensitivity of this task, which directly affects the interests of the State, businesses, and the public, it is crucial to inspect and monitor the projects thoroughly.

"Any instances of non-compliance or potential violations of the law, according to existing regulations and procedures, must be promptly addressed and rectified without hesitation," the Mayor said.

Decisive measures such as termination, withdrawal, and suspension of implementation will be taken in cases where projects cannot be continued or adjusted due to slow progress or non-compliance with current legal regulations on planning, bidding, investment, and land use.

In this regard, Thanh expected the authorities to formulate bidding or auction plans to select new investors who will abide by current regulations for project execution.

Adjustments to delayed projects must be made with utmost care to avoid increasing population and construction density in sensitive areas.

"Special attention will be given to the enhancement of green spaces and the prioritization of public works investments funded by the budget," he noted.

In situations where adjusted projects are unsuitable for further implementation upon re-evaluation and comparison with current regulations, it will be necessary to reconsider the originally approved adjusted objectives and planning functions. If the adjustments do not meet the required standards, the project will be terminated and subject to bidding or auction procedures following applicable laws.

A report by the Hanoi People's Committee revealed that as of June 27, there were a total of 712 projects that had not started, violated land laws, or were behind schedule. Of these, 135 projects with extra-budgetary capital have yet to receive a decision on land allocation for leasing purposes. In addition, 404 projects have been allocated, leased land, or changed land use by the Government, while 173 projects are under review by district-level authorities.

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