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Hanoi suspends establishments for poor fire prevention
Anh Kiet 22:19, 2022/11/17
Fire prevention is a special job that requires both law enforcement and public engagement.

Hanoi closed 982 facilities that do not meet requirements on fire prevention, according to the municipal police, in a month of inspection starting on October 15.

Specifically, Hanoi Police inspected about 66,000 establishments (reaching 50% of the target) and fined more than 4,430 units worth VND28.83 billion (US$1.2 million) for failing to ensure fire prevention work.

 The civil defense force in Hanoi's Thanh Xuan District joins a training course on fire prevention work. Photo: The Hanoi Times

Local police said the relevant units must strictly deal with 100% of fire prevention and firefighting violations. All district and commune units should be aware that fire safety requires the participation of both law enforcement and the public.

Once the inspection plan finishes, business establishments in the city will be categorized into three levels regarding fire threats to prevent fires and better protect people.

Accordingly, local authorities must ensure that commercial establishments comply with fire and explosion safety requirements. Facilities that fail to equip enough firefighting tools should be suspended.

In addition, leaders of agencies must take responsibility for fires and explosions, casualties, and property damage in their jurisdiction.

Earlier, the Hanoi People's Committee issued a plan requiring all business owners in the city to draw up a fire prevention work plan.

The plan includes four phases. In the first phase (2022), Hanoi will inspect and evaluate establishments that do not meet fire prevention requirements. The city will hold a conference where investors and business owners meet to discuss and guide fire prevention protocol; all investors will be asked to commit to a fire prevention plan and roadmap.

In the second phase (2023), the city will inspect and monitor progress and urge commercial establishments to comply with the committed plan and roadmap to ensure that at least 30% of them are certified by competent authorities for fire prevention.

By the third phase (2024), at least 70% of commercial facilities will successfully address fire prevention deficiencies and be certified by competent authorities.

In the fourth phase (2025), 100% of the establishments will improve fire prevention works and be certified by the competent authority.

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