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Hanoi students return to school amid tight medical control
Anh Kiet 12:03, 2020/05/04
Classes in Hanoi would be divided into two to study in the morning and afternoon shifts to ensure safety for students.

Secondary and high school students in Hanoi have returned to school on May 5 after a long break to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic, Kinhtedothi.vn reported.

To ensure safety for students, classes have been disinfected, antiseptic solution and electronic thermometers have been made available, and teachers have been trained to handle cases of students showing Covid-19 symptoms.

The application of pandemic control measures implies a double burden for teachers, since to guarantee a safe distance among students, a class would be divided into two to attend in the morning and afternoon shifts.

At a meeting last Monday, Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung asked educational institutions to ensure sufficient medical equipment.

In the 2019-2020 school year, more than 22 million Vietnamese students had been scheduled to return to school on February 3 following the Lunar New Year holiday, but the Covid-19 epidemic prolonged school closures nationwide.

The Ministry of Education and Training had to revise the school year calendar twice. The end of the school year is delayed until July 15, one and a half months later than usual.

Hanoi students seriously follow protocol on preventing Covid-19 when returning to school. The followings are some images on the first day Hanoi students come back to schools:


Students at Le Quy Don Secondary School (Ha Dong district) keep a distance of 2 meters among them before body temperature checking to enter the school.


Teachers spray hand sanitizer and check students' body temperature in front of the school gate.


Students seriously comply with protocol on Covid-19 epidemic prevention.


Students seriously comply with protocol on Covid-19 epidemic prevention.


Classes also practices mild social distancing.


All students wear masks when going to school and during school hours.

Photo: Van Trong - Ngoc Tu - Duy Khanh

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