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Hanoi provides free oxygen tanks to support Covid-19 patients treated at home
Anh Kiet 21:32, 2022/01/05
Covid-19 patients in need of oxygen will receive oxygen tanks from a volunteer at home.

The Hanoi Youth Union and Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association on January 5 handed over 1,200 oxygen tanks and oxygen equipment to support Covid-19 patients who are under home treatment in Hanoi.

This is an activity of the program "Hanoi’s love - Free oxygen ATM" jointly run by the two above-mentioned entities in the effort of supporting treatment of Covid-19 patients at home.

Among 1,200 oxygen tanks, there are 1,000 8-liter tanks and 200 40-liter tanks. In addition, there are 800 gauges, 30 7-liter oxygen machines, 20 10-liter oxygen machines and 500 oxygen dividers.

 The first oxygen tanks are handed over. Photo: Bao Anh

Covid-19 patients in need of oxygen will receive oxygen tanks from a volunteer at home.  

All youth union members and volunteers participating in the ATM Oxy program are fully equipped with cylinder maneuverability knowledge, protective gear, and safety plans for the pandemic prevention.

Nguyen Duc Tien, president of the Hanoi Youth Union, said that in the face of the increasingly severe pandemic, the capital city's youth have swiftly taken actions to help Covid-19 patients.

With the spirit of "Pioneering - Support - Adaptation", the Hanoi Youth Union mobilized 770 medical volunteers to perform the task of preparing facilities for mobile medical stations, medical collection and treatment facilities, or concentrated isolation centers.

More than 4,000 volunteers are involved in samples collection for testing, and supported medical staffs at 638 vaccination points. In addition, nearly 12,000 volunteers are on standby to support pandemic prevention in 579 communes, wards and towns in the city.

Furthermore, the Hanoi Youth Union in collaboration with the Hanoi Young Physicians Association have deployed the "Companion Doctor" Network, supporting Covid-19 patients at home with the participation of more than 400 doctors and volunteers from universities, colleges and medical institutes.

This force works flexibly, in coordination with medical volunteers, to promptly detect Covid-19 patients at home with signs of worsening conditions for examination. Besides, they have coordinated with the medical staff of the local health stations to directly collect samples for coronavirus testing.

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