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Hanoi improves greenery to upgrade resident's living standard
Khanh Khanh 15:21, 2022/09/18
Hanoians wish the city will continue building new parks and gardens to improve urban green space.

Hanoi is investing in upgrading and building new parks and flower gardens in the city to overcome the deterioration of public parks in the city.

 Cau Giay Park, one of the most beautiful green public parks in Hanoi. Photos: The Hanoi Times

The municipal authorities' latest plan for the 2021-2025 period to halt the deterioration of public parks is expected to satisfy Hanoians' desire to increase urban greenery, according to Dr. Nguyen Cong Thanh, leader of the research team at the National Economics University.

The research team announced the results of a related survey in early September, according to which 73% of 1,028 households living in Hanoi said they want to see more tree planting. It is estimated that each household in Hanoi is willing to pay an average monthly VND60,000 (US$2.3) to have an average green area of 8sq.m per capita.

According to the plan, from now to 2025, the city will build six new parks, including Chu Van An Park in Thanh Tri District on an area of 50.9ha, which is invested by the Thanh Tri District People’s Committee, a park and lake in Cau Giay new urban area covering ​​​​about 31.7ha, which is executed by Sai Dong Urban Development and Investment Joint Stock Company.

In addition, the remaining projects include VNT Company developer’s Hanoi Southwest urban area with an area of ​​11.2ha, Sun Group’s Disneyland-like Kim Quy amusement park, covering about 101ha, Phung Khoang Lake Park with an area of ​​​​about 11.8ha, which is implemented by the Hanoi Housing Development and Investment JSC, and Sports, Culture and Amusement Park with an area of ​​​​96.7ha, which will be built by the Ha Dong District People’s Committee. These parks are in the process of completing investment procedures and a number of categories have already been built.

Speeding up projects

 Dien Hong Flower Garden around Hoan Kiem Lake area. Photo: Hai Linh/ The Hanoi Times

According to the Hanoi Construction Department, the city has 63 parks and flower gardens mainly concentrated in the area of four downtown districts (Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh, Dong Da and Hai Ba Trung). All parks and flower gardens in the city center are public, except for the West Lake water park.

In recent years, many parks and flower gardens have deteriorated, while the construction of a number of large park projects initiated in 2016 is lagging behind schedule. Among them, the Kim Quy Park project has been delayed due to problematic site clearance.  

Former Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Prof. Dr. Dang Hung Vo said the city needs to drastically review the land for the construction of parks, flower gardens and water surfaces, as well as improve mechanisms and policies to speed up the construction of large parks.

From now to 2025, the city’s leaders focus on solving obstacles to the construction of six parks which are in the process of adjusting and completing investment procedures. 

The Hanoi People's Committee has asked investors of delayed projects to speed up progress, and relevant departments and agencies to remove problems related to site clearance, investment licensing and project deadline extension.

In the 2021-2025 period, the Department of Planning and Investment in collaboration with other departments, branches and local authorities will continue to promote investment in parks and flower gardens on the list of greenery development in the city.

According to the plan, by 2030, the inner city will have 60 parks, of which 18 are newly built.  Forty-two existing parks and flower gardens will be renovated and upgraded. In addition, the city will have seven special parks.  

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