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Hanoi culture inspires ao dai collections
Ngo Minh 17:07, 2024/01/04
An ao dai fashion show will be held on January 5, featuring pieces inspired by the designers' hometowns, including those born in Hanoi.

Ao dai (traditional Vietnamese long dress) fashion show combined with a 3D mapping presentation will be held for the first time at the Temple of Literature on January 5.

Under the theme "Where I was born", 18 famous designers from all over the country will tell many interesting stories about their homeland through their creations, to which each person is attached in different ways.

Designer Ngoc Han's collection is inspired by Kim Hoang folk paintings. Photos: The Hanoi Times

Hanoi-born designers choose different ways to illustrate their beloved city.

The work of designers Cao Minh Tien, Trinh Bich Thuy, and Phuong Thao celebrates Hanoi's four seasons - spring, summer, fall, and winter - on every street corner and in every row of trees.

Through the Hanoi Sketch collection, designer Cao Minh Tien captures and transcribes the most beautiful things he wants to say about this place.

Trinh Bich Thuy, on the other hand, transposed her childhood memories into her quilted jacket creations, which show the link between generations, between tradition and the present. Meanwhile, designer Phuong Thao's collection is like an exhibition of paintings of street vendors and mossy old streets.

Although he has left his homeland, designer Duy Nguyen was inspired by dragonfly wings, the symbol of Hanoi, to create a collection of handmade products from Thach Xa, where he was born. Silky Vietnam brand, for its part, reflects the Chuong Village of making traditional conical hats on the peaceful Day River.

 Designer Phuong Thao's collection is inspired by the street vendors of Hanoi. 

Designer Che Quyet Tien's collection is the pride of the traditional Bat Trang Ceramic Village. Designer Ngoc Han portrays the beauty of Kim Hoang paintings - a famous line of Tet paintings originated from the Hoai Duc District that had been lost for quite a long time.

Hanoi-based designer Laura Cortizas of the Spanish Chula brand depicts her two beloved homes, Spain and Vietnam. According to her, it's the first time the dresses bring fashionistas to Spain's iconic churches and parks, including Santiago De Compostela, The Alhambra, Park Güell, The Sagrada Familia and the Great Mosque of Cordoba.

Designer Minh Hanh, the program director said Where I was born is not simply a fashion show but it is a cultural story of Vietnam as each different region has its own stories about Ao dai.

 The silky Vietnam brand reflects Chuong Village of making traditional conical hats on the peaceful Day River. 

As one of the designers diligently promoting Vietnamese Ao dai, designer Minh Hanh reiterated her ambition to see Vietnamese Ao dai recognized as a national heritage. "Almost every Vietnamese woman owns at least one Ao dai. The national costume is already a heritage in their minds and hearts. People love, respect and revere Ao dai, but we still need official recognition of Ao dai as heritage," said designer Minh Hanh.

 Designer Hue Thi (third from right) said her collection is inspired by Quang Nam cuisine. 

In her opinion, as long as Ao dai has not become a cultural heritage, it is difficult to protect and promote its value and prevent it from being deformed by quirky innovation.

According to Le Xuan Kieu, Director of the Center for Cultural and Scientific Activities of the Temple of Literature, the Ao dai parade is the beginning of many projects of the Temple of Literature to combine the night tour with cultural activities to enhance the experience of visitors.

"The 3D mapping light projection program combined with the traditional Ao dai performance honors the heritage value of the Temple of Literature and at the same time celebrates the traditional beauty of Vietnamese Ao dai. The program tells the story of Ao dai from many different regions in the artistic space of music and light, bringing an attractive and different experience to visitors," said Kieu.

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