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Hanoi contestant wins writing contest about Poland
Minh Nguyen 15:17, 2023/01/03
Writing collections provide insight into the Poles and contribute to deepening relationship between the two countries.

Dang Thu Trang, from Hanoi, beat out nearly 100 contestants across Vietnam to win the first prize at the 4th Wikipedia Contest writing about Poland.

 Dang Thu Trang, a candidate from Hanoi, wins the first prize at the contest writing about famous and ordinary Poles. Photos: Embassy of Poland in Hanoi  

Trang, who contributed 120 entries in this year’s contest, told The Hanoi Times that she has gained a perception of the land and people of the Central European country through the contest that attracted more than 400 entries by Vietnamese people aged from 18.

This is the first time Trang participated in the contest, but her entries surprised the jury thanks to her comprehension of the European nation which is among the first few countries establishing diplomatic relations with Vietnam (in February 1950).   

Sharing with media, Trang said her collection includes stories of famous Poles like Frederic Chopin, a Polish-born pianist and composer of matchless masterpieces in the realm of keyboard music, and Marie Curie, who is remembered for her discovery of radium and polonium, and her huge contribution to the search for cancer treatments.

Among many in the list of Poles known and respected by the people in Vietnam is Kazimierz Kwiatkowski. The Polish architect and conservator worked there for many years, saving numerous monuments that are now listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

In Vietnam, Kazimierz Kwiatkowski is recognized for his efforts to preserve the country’s relics. Along with memorial plaques in the cities where he worked, a monument in his honor was erected in Hoi An, in the city’s main street.

 Alexander Nowakowski (C), Chargé d'affaires of the Polish Embassy in Hanoi, Hoang Viet Giao (1st right), head of the jury, and winners of the 4th contest concluded in December 2022. 

Hoang Viet Giao, head of the jury of the contest for four consecutive years, said the first prize was given to the author that has a collection of good stories about Poland under the themed “Poles – famous and ordinary”.

Unlike the  previous three years, this year’s contest prioritized the quality of the entries and stood out for having good stories about the Polish people, including many have contributed to the bilateral relations, he said, adding that the contest attracted a large number of contestants and people involved who  help promote understanding of Poland, contributing to the relationship of the two nations.

Alexander Nowakowski, Chargé d'affaires of the Polish Embassy in Hanoi, said the contest spread knowledge about Poland, strengthening the friendship between Poland and Vietnam. He highlighted the role of online data, especially Wikipedia which provides valuable sources of information and reaches the public in a more effective way.

For years, some Poles have been well-known in Vietnam like Chopin, Marie Curie, Kazik, but many others having great contributions to the world and the bilateral relations have remained unheard of by Vietnamese people. It’s the reason this year’s contest focuses on tightening the relationship, the diplomat shared.

The contest, which lasted for one month and a half from October 1, 2022, attracted more than 400 entries on Wikipedia, aiming to disseminate knowledge about Poland in Vietnam through the outstanding Poles who have made and are making special contributions to the Polish cultural heritage.

Initiated by the Embassy of Poland in Hanoi in 2019, the contest, which is available for all Vietnamese citizens aged from 18, is expected to become popular among Vietnamese people, contributing to diversify the cultural links between Vietnam and Poland.

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