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Green buildings to bring numerous benefits to Hanoi: Experts
Anh Kiet - Vu Le 16:32, 2020/11/30
In recent years, an increasing number of real estate investors have been interested in developing green buildings in Hanoi.

Green buildings that are environmentally friendly and ensure people’s health contribute to conserving resources and and suitthe cities in the process of urbanization like Hanoi, according to Dr. Le Thi Bich Thuan, deputy director of Institute of Urban Research and Infrastructure Development under the Vietnam Association of Construction.

Ms. Thuan said that green buildings will require an investment about 3 - 8% higher than normal ones. However, a green building will save 15-30% of energy, 30-50% of water, 50-70% of waste treatment costs and reduce about 30-35% of CO2 emissions.

 Green - clean - beautiful living environment in an Ecopark home. Photo: Tuan Anh

Therefore, sooner or later, real estate businesses will have to look to green buildings as an inevitable alternative to protect the living environment as well as to meet the increasing demands of consumers, Ms. Thuan said.

She stressed that air pollution in Hanoi is worsening, thus, local residents prefer living in green spaces and close to nature.

Mr. Nguyen Cong Thinh, deputy director of the Department of Science, Technology and Environment under the Ministry of Construction, said that there are currently no incentive policies to develop green buildings, especially those built with public funding.

If there are appropriate mechanisms and policies are taken, more green buildings will be erected in Hanoi in the time ahead, Mr. Thinh added.

The Ministry of Construction has assigned relevant units to research and propose mechanisms and policies on green buildings to submit to competent authorities for consideration and promulgation, Mr. Thinh noted.

In recent years, an increasing number of real estate investors have been interested in developing green buildings in Hanoi.

These include social housing projects of NO2 and NO3 under the EcoHome 3 urbanization in Bac Tu Liem district, the first ones meeting the EDGE green certificate standards issued by the International Finance Organization under the World Bank.

Another example is the Gensis School project with LOTUS Gold Grade Green Certificate issued by the Vietnam Green Building Council.

The third one is EcoLife Capitol Building located on To Huu street, which obtained the EDG international green certificate.

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