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Gardeners in Hanoi gear up preparing bonsai trees for upcoming Tet holiday
Ha An - Duy Khanh 13:36, 2019/12/22
A perfect kumquat tree full of fruits may cost around VND2 million (US$86).

As Tet is drawing nearer, several gardeners in Tay Ho and Bac Tu Liem districts in Hanoi, among other ornamental trees areas, are preparing to bring their unique plants and trees to downtown.

The owners of kumquat gardens in the traditional craft village of Tu Lien are rushing to prepare for Tet.

 The pots are carved with the familiar images of communal houses in the village, buffalo, among other landscapes and objects of Vietnam's countryside.


 The owners of kumquat gardens in the traditional craft village of Tu Lien are rushing to prepare for Tet.

 The kumquat pallets are ready to be taken to the local market.

 An owner of a kumquat garden in Tu Lien village said that perfect kumquat trees full of fruits may cost around VND2 million (US$86).


The traditional kumquat trees seem to be less preferred than the tinier bonsai kumquat, which is planted on pots of different shapes.

 This year, many people rushed to buy kumquat trees in the middle of the Lunar Eleventh month, which falls in the middle of December.

 The colors of the kumquat trees match with the red color of parallel sentences.

 There are several pots in rat shape, this lunar year's zodiac symbol, and the other 11 animals as well as the Sanxing (Deities) who are Fu (Happiness), Lu (Prosperity), and Shou (Longevity).

 Aside from growing kumquat trees, gardeners also plant flowers including roses or daisy to decorate the altar during Tet. 

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