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Foreigners in Hanoi get Covid-19 vaccine jab at night
Hai Yen 17:47, 2021/09/16
About 500 foreigners were vaccinated at a vaccination center set up in the My Dinh National Stadium, Nam Tu Liem District, on September 15.

Foreigners in Hanoi are among the priority groups for administering the jab as the city aims to realize the goals of 100% population aged 18 and over to have the first dose before September 15 in the mass immunization campaign.

Starting from September 15, the authority in Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi has been holding a mass immunization campaign for foreigners living in My Dinh National Stadium, where has been repurposed into a vaccination point to ensure safety for those showing up for vaccination.

The move came as part of the vaccine roll-out and Covid-19 screening conducted simultaneously in every district in Hanoi for both locals and foreigners, as the city aims to soon gradually ease restriction measures and bring normal life back to the people.

At the injection site, foreigners are assisted by healthcare workers and volunteer as they have to comply with the safety protocol, including filling out the health declaration form, measuring blood pressure, and screening.

The Hanoi Times was at the site at 9 pm and interviewed foreigners about their thoughts after having been vaccinated:

 Papa Mamadou Diongue (Senegal). Photos: Duy Khanh

I have lived in Vietnam for five years. The serious Covid-19 situation worldwide means vaccination strategy is a key solution, and everybody’s priority should be to get the vaccine.

I was informed by the landlord about the vaccination program carried out at the My Dinh Stadium, and the vaccine would help me soon return to my normal life.

I think we have to trust every kind of vaccine, as more and more people around the world are being vaccinated. This is especially important as vaccines significantly reduce the risk of infection and the probability of transmitting the virus to others.

I am very grateful that Hanoi is providing vaccines for foreigners. The country is doing a good job in containing the virus, especially in quarantine to avoid mass infection. 

 Abade Collins DdHiambo (Kenya).

I think the authority in Vietnam has done so well and being in Vietnam, I feel really peaceful and secured.

In our building, we are kept up to date every time the Government announces new measures so that all of us are prepared and be able to fully comply with restriction measures in the city.

It is a wonderful and unthinkable thing that we could get vaccines right now. I feel very grateful that the Vietnamese Government decided to give foreigners the vaccines though I know the country is still in short of vaccine supplies. For me, I am ok with the different kinds of vaccines. I have read and understood the difference, so I do not think it matters much for me on the kind of vaccine that I get.

 Jonahs Elevado (the Philippines).

I have been in Hanoi for four and a half years. In my view, Hanoi has done a good job of containing the situation. In the beginning, there were not many cases in Vietnam, but after the fourth Covid-19 outbreak, it has been stressful for us foreigners as we do not speak the language.

But for me, I have a Vietnamese girlfriend, so it is much easier for me than others to understand the situation around me. I do not care if I get a specific kind of vaccine, as for me, it is better than nothing.

I have just started my business in Hanoi, so I love being in the city and hope to be here as long as I can!

 Don Gayesh (Sri Lanka).

I know that the local authority has a deadline to ensure everyone getting a shot before September 15. I think they are pushing for it really hard and for me, I am very happy about it.

I get the information from the owner of the building that I am living in at the moment about the vaccination site here, he told us the date and time to come and even brought us here to do the PCR test, the vaccine, and other processes.

I think the process here is very well-organized, personally, I did not have to wait and was very happy. At this moment of serious Covid-19 situation globally, we cannot be picky about vaccines. Again, I am happy with whatever I get as long as I am vaccinated.

I have a lot of friends in Hanoi after more than two years of living here. I do not want to go back as it is very safe here, even though recently we have had a sort of a rough patch, but it has been good so far. I am planning to stay here for a long time, maybe eight to ten years, who knows!

 Sophia El (Morocco).

I have been in Hanoi for two and a half years. I think the situation in Hanoi has been well under control, so we feel really safe here. I read about the information on social media and have also been informed by the local community, so I and my friends decided to come here.

All the processes have been completed really quickly, I think about 10 minutes, and not a lot of forms to complete. I was happy to get the vaccine and for me, as I do not have any underlying health problem, so I would be happy just to get vaccinated.

Doctor Nguyễn Thị Thu Trang - Director of South Tu Liem Medical Center:

This is not the first time that we administer vaccine shots for foreigners in the area. We have informed foreigners about the vaccination program through ex-pat communities, embassies, and associations on the program.

At present, the program is open for every foreigner living in Hanoi, and the embassies would pass on the information to their nationals living in different districts.

All doctors and nurses taking part in the screening process can speak English, while foreign associations also support us in case there are foreigners who do not speak English. We have also hired a translator with a doctor certificate to support South Korean, who make up the majority of foreigners in Nam Tu Liem District.

We started the program at 14.00 and would go on until 23.00 when no one else shows up for injection, and reopen the next morning.

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