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Fiercer storms forecast to hit Vietnam towards year-end
Anh Kiet 10:06, 2022/06/21
Hydro-meteorological experts have warned of complicated weather developments in Vietnam from now to the end of 2022.

Vietnam could face more severe storms during the rest of this year with four to six tropical storms and depressions directly affecting the mainland of Vietnam, according to the National Center for Hydrometeorological Forecasting (NCHMF).

NCHMF deputy director Hoang Phuc Lam said storms, tropical depressions and dangerous weather events are likely to arrive this year later than in previous years.

“Storms and tropical depressions are likely to occur in the northern part of the East Sea in July and August and increase in frequency in the following months,” Lam said.

“Moreover, the La Nina weather phenomenon would continue from now until the year-end and natural disasters would be likely more severe due to its influence. This is the third consecutive year Vietnam has faced La Nina. During the period, around 10-12 storms and tropical depressions would hit the East Sea, of which around six would ravage Vietnam, equal to previous years in number,” Lam stressed.  

 Flood occurs very often in the central region of Vietnam. Photo: Ngoc Ha

He added that in July alone, the total rainfall in the northern region would be 10-20% higher than in many previous years. Precipitation would be between 5-10% higher in August and September.

"The central region of Vietnam would be the most affected by the heavy rains from October to November, which would cause serious flooding," Lam said, expressing concern about the risk of consecutive torrential rains and floods similar to those of previous years.

The hydro-meteorological expert also warned of complicated weather developments from now to the end of 2022.

Head of the NCHMF’s Weather Forecast Department Tran Quang Nang told The Hanoi Times that during the rainy season from July to September, rainfall in the northern region is likely to be equal or higher than the average.

"In contrast, the Central Highlands and southern regions are projected to experience less rainfall. There is a high risk of downpours and dangerous weather phenomena such as thunderstorms, whirlwinds and hail on a national scale," Nang added.

To proactively respond to natural disasters, the National Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control has asked localities to focus on improving the quality of natural disaster forecasting and rescue work and preparing plans for flood prevention in downstream areas.

The committee will also inspect the prevention of forest fires and response plans to oil spills in some localities, as well as the ability to mobilize forces and means of ministries, branches and localities in response to incidents and natural disasters.

Statistics show that in the last 40 years, of a total of 374 storms  in the East Sea, 148 affected Vietnam’s mainland, with 94 storms landing in the central region (accounting for over 64%), mainly between September and November.

With the characteristics of a dense, short-length, narrow-channel, very steep, and rapidly flooding river system, the central region frequently suffers from inundation. These types of natural disasters cause great damage to the region and are occurring with increasing severity.

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