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Day-as-a-farmer tour in Duong Lam attracts visitors
Anh Kiet 21:54, 2024/04/18
Duong Lam is committed to developing sustainable tourism products linked to the preservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

Being a farmer for a day is one of the tours that draws many foreign visitors to Duong Lam Ancient Village in Hanoi’s outlying town of Son Tay.

Paul Evans from Denmark told The Hanoi Times that he enjoyed working as a Vietnamese farmer for two days, planting rice, ploughing, and baking. 

Paul Evans in a group of foreign tourists get to experience farming in Duong Lam Ancient Village. Photo: Dang Khoi

"At the end of March, I joined a group of  50 people from different countries on an agritour. Not only did I play a farmer, but I also explored the old village cuisine, visited old houses with large gardens and beautiful interiors," added Paul.

He said that after working in the rice field, the visitors joined a cooking class of traditional dishes and enjoyed Duong Lam cuisine in old houses. "In the evening, I attended cultural and artistic activities in the village. The next morning, I visited the rural market." 

 Paul Evans is happy when wearing a hat of a male farmer in Duong Lam. 


Foreign visitors are introduced to the farming tools and livestock of Vietnamese farmers. Photo: Dang Khoi

Ha Nguyen Huyen, a local in Duong Lam who owns a spacious old house, has been offering culinary services at his home.

"Visitors play the role of farmers, plant rice, and take part in folk games. They also take part in some charity activities in the village," Huyen told The Hanoi Times.

Head of the Management Board of Duong Lam Ancient Village Relics Nguyen Dang Thao said that in January 2024, Duong Lam was honored as "ASEAN Sustainable Tourism Product 2024". This is seen as a motivation for Duong Lam to promote agritourism in the strategy of preserving and developing ancient village relics. 

Tourists take part in social and charity activities in the village. Photo: Dang Khoi

"The award has done a great service in promoting Duong Lam Village. Since the beginning of 2024, it has welcomed more than 30 groups of visitors, mostly students from international schools, as well as foreign tourist groups. Foreign visitors to Duong Lam are mainly Japanese, Singaporeans, Koreans, and Europeans. The development of agritourism is a trend that many countries around the world are following for sustainable travel," Thao told The Hanoi Times.

For the upcoming Reunification Day and Labor Day holidays [April 30-May 1], five tourist groups have already signed up for Duong Lam's agri-tour. 

"In the coming period, the Ancient Village Management Board will coordinate with travel agencies and schools to bring more visitors to the village. Duong Lam is committed to developing sustainable tourism products linked to the preservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage," Thao said.

New services at Duong Lam Ancient Village

Phan Son Long, a 35-year-old employee from Nam Tu Liem district, shared with The Hanoi Times that they visited Duong Lam Village by chance when his company organized an event at a hotel about 2km away. "While there, we explored the landscape, visited old houses, temples, communal houses, and had dinner at Bep Lang restaurant. Coming to Duong Lam is such an interesting experience."

Tourists who buy tickets for the tour are given a map by the ticket collector, while the electric car drivers also act as guides. 

Digital maps and instructions from electric car drivers for tourists. Photo: The management of Duong Lam Ancient Village

Le Thi Nguyet, a resident of Thanh Tri, said: "Duong Lam is a long-established ancient village where my children can experience fresh air, immerse themselves in the friendly countryside and participate in hands-on activities. These practical and rustic experiences will nurture their love for nature and a bond with their homeland, especially Son Tay, which is rich in historical and cultural relics and traditions," Nguyet told The Hanoi Times.


Khanh Linh (a high school student in Hanoi) was excited to experience the creative space of the ancient village: "The space in the ancient village is very cozy. The paintings left by visitors are displayed beautifully and in different styles." 

Khanh Linh takes a snapshot as she visits the creative space in Duong Lam Ancient Village. Photo: VNA

Nguyen Dang Thao, Head of the management committee of Duong Lam Ancient Village Relics, said that the village received about 13,000-14,000 visitors a year (before the Covid-19 pandemic) and the number is likely to increase when tourism recovers. The people of the village are actively diversifying products and service quality and improving image promotion.

"We hope all visitors to Duong Lam will have interesting experiences, feel the unique cultural features, and want to protect and promote them," Tran Anh Tuan, Secretary of the Son Tay City Party Committee, told The Hanoi Times. 

Colorful artworks are created on tiles and wooden panels, which entice tourists to explore new spaces in the ancient village. Photo: VNA

 Duong Lam Ancient Village draws more tourists thanks to new and creative spaces. Photo: VNA

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