Hanoi makes impression in science and technology
Khanh Duong 09:23, 2020/11/30
Hanoi city has applied innovations which help improve productivity and products’ quality as well as assist businesses in developing intellectual property assets.

Science and technology activities of Hanoi have made important contributions to the city’s politics-security as well as socio-economic and cultural development.
Nguyen Hong Son, director of the municipal Department of Science and Technology, said one of the city’s focuses in the field was to offer incentives supporting science-technology enterprises and start-ups.


Workers at Hanwha Aero Engines factory in Hanoi, the first large-scale aircraft engine parts and components manufacturing facility in Vietnam. Photo hanoimoi.com.vn

In the 2015-20 term, the department has implemented socio-economic growth programmes and plans along with the Central Party Committee’s resolution on science and technology development. It has created an open, favourable, transparent and effective legal environment for science and technology development, he said.
The city has applied innovations which help improve productivity and products’ quality as well as assist businesses in developing intellectual property assets.Science and technology research activities have been renewed with the involvement of the private sector and linked with production activities. 

According to director Son, since 2015, the city has completed 346 science and technology projects, more than 85 percent of which have been applied in practice, contributing to the city’s socio-economic development.
The city has supported innovative start-ups to put their projects on trial, develop ideas and new products as the basis for the establishment of science and technology enterprises. The innovative start-up movement has initially spread widely among the community, he said.
He noted that the science and technology market of Hanoi has been promoted with diversified products. Science and technology products have become commodities, meanwhile, the demand for technology is increasing. The city has paid attention to supporting enterprises to apply quality management systems and renovate technology.
Activities of intellectual property, radiation, nuclear safety and quality measurement standards have made progress. Science and technology statistics have gradually met the requirements of international integration, he said.

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