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Dalat ranks third in ‘World’s Top Flower Destinations’
Jenna Duong 11:32, 2022/03/28
Together with Amsterdam (Netherlands), Funchal (Portugal), Dalat (Lam Dong Province, Vietnam) is the 3rd most endorsed destination by travelers around the world.

Dalat is in the top three most popular flower viewing destinations in the world, according to recommendations of global travelers for flowers on Booking.com.

Beautiful blue jacaranda flowers bloom in Dalat from late March until early May. Photo: Le Quynh Tien

According to Booking.com, often known as the city of thousands of flowers, Dalat is home to various flower parks, farms, and festivals, each decorating the city with colorful blooms and rich green landscapes.

“Be prepared to be mesmerized by the various fragrances from different flower gardens, which grow lilies, chrysanthemums, and diverse orchids that the city is known for,” the website wrote.

“The most famous garden that attracts visitors all year round is the flower garden in the center of Dalat featuring arches of flowers arranged in a gate, facing the charming Xuan Huong Lake,” it suggested.

In fact, Dalat Flower Gardens is huge and divided into many different areas, including a flower exhibition area, nursery area, greenhouse area, statue garden, and entertainment center. The flower exhibition, which features an extremely large collection of flowers, is the highlight of the destination. It boasts over 300 species of beautiful and rare flowers that were planted in a special way.

The marvelous flowers tingle purple all over the corners of the dream city. Photo: Check in Dalat 

The city is now entering the season of blue jacaranda. At the end of March and early April, all the streets of this city are filled with the purple color of blue jacaranda flowers which resemble flame tree flowers, but in different colors. Blue jacaranda bloom throughout Dalat streets, becoming the “specialty” of the dream city.

“Some giant trees inside Dalat Flower Gardens, on the bank of Xuan Huong Lake or in the streets of Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ba Trung, Tran Phu, among others, are the most outstanding places for romantic taking snapshots of blue jacaranda,” Le Quynh Tien, a Dalat resident advised.

In addition, the Lavender flower gardens in Tuyen Lam Lake, Sunflower fields at Dalat Milk Farm, Trai Mat Hydrangea flower fields, and cherry blossom roads are other lovely spots that travelers wouldn’t want to miss.

Situated in the Lam Vien plateau 1,500 meters above sea level in the Central Highland of Vietnam, Dalat city offers a welcoming atmosphere with a refreshingly cool climate. Besides flowers, it is famous for the wide variety of vegetables and fruit harvested from its surrounding farmlands. There are also countless nature sites with beautiful landscapes, evergreen forests, and ethnic minority villages which are must-see places for travelers when they visit the city, according to local tour guides.

The city in Central Highland Vietnam is famous for its all-year-round flower seasons. Photo: Le Quynh Tien

Other destinations among the list of Top ten countries are Gramado (Brazil), Singapore, Cameron (Malaysia), Cordoba (Spain), Victoria (Canada), Toowoomba (Australia) and Istanbul (Turkey).

In addition, 73% of Vietnamese travelers said they would appreciate more simple experiences such as spending time outdoors when on their next travel, according to Booking.com.

“We conducted the survey among a sample of adults who have traveled for business or leisure in the past 12 months, and must be planning to travel in the next 12 months,” a representative of Booking.com said.

This is also completely in line with the trends and mentality of tourists around the world, who become more responsible towards the community and want to develop a post-pandemic global sustainable tourism.

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