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Banh mi – one of the reasons to fall in love with Hanoi
Ha Phuong 08:53, 2018/08/22
Experiencing new cuisines is one of the best ways to help you discover a culture-rich city like Hanoi.
Hanoi is heaven of street food, so tourists can spend a lot of time in this burgeoning city and never eat the same meal twice. One of the best street foods in Hanoi is banh mi, a signal of modern Vietnam lifestyle.
Banh mi Pho Hue. Photo: Ha Phuong
Banh mi Pho Hue. Photo: Ha Phuong
Earlier, banh mi Vietnam has been recognized as top 10 most delicious sandwiches in the world, according to a list released by Traveller, an essential resource for Australians who love to travel.
Not only Hanoians and Vietnamese, a lot of celebrities may not resist the wonderful taste of banh mi. Banh mi is Vietnamese words for baguette. Unlike French baguette, banh mi is made with wheat flour with thinner crust. No matter where you are in Hanoi, you can easily capture a view of banh mi vendors or banh mi stores. Near the Old Quarter, you may get the best banh mi for your breakfast or near other destinations, banh mi is readily served for your tasty meals.
There is no shortage of banh mi shops dishing out versions of Vietnam’s traditional dish, but Banh Mi Pho Hue stands out as being one of the best with three versions of banh mi; its signature banh mi pate, Hanoi long-time favorite banh mi trung (omelette baguette), and banh mi pate trung (pate omelette baguette) — a twist on the omelette baguette.
As the name suggests, banh mi pate puts a stronger focus on pate, the make-or-break ingredient in this sandwich. Interestingly enough, the recipe for good pate includes bread crumbs.

Banh mi – one of the reasons to fall in love with Hanoi. Photo: Ha Phuong
Banh mi – one of the reasons to fall in love with Hanoi. Photo: Ha Phuong
With so many shops offering twists on Vietnamese the breakfast staple banh mi: banh mi thit nuong, banh mi kebab, banh mi chao, a newcomer to Hanoi and probably anyone born in the city after 1990 might start to wonder what the original flavor of banh mi is. Look no further than Banh Mi Pho Hue, a shop that still sells banh mi the way most people who grew up in Hanoi in the 1980s remember it.
Don’t expect a comfortable dining setting, as tables are communal and low to the ground, so be prepared for some squatting action and beads of sweat during the hot summer months.
Located in 118 Hue street, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi, Banh Mi Pho Hue outlet makes the Hanoi’s shortest street always crowded with local and foreign visitors. Banh Mi Pho Hue is open from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm, each banh mi costs you VND25,000 (US$1.07).
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