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Vietnam to host ASEAN Business and Investment Summit 2020 next week
Ngoc Thuy 12:36, 2020/11/06
This year’s theme ‘Digital ASEAN: Sustainable and Inclusive’ will discuss the importance of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in stimulating growth, trade and investment.

After 10 years, Vietnam is set to once again host the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit (ASEAN-BIS) on November 13 that will bring together over thousands of delegates from across Southeast Asia and the wider region, stated the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), the event organizer. 

 ASEAN-BIS in 2019. 

As the region’s premier annual forum with the participation of presidents, prime ministers and business leaders, it is a unique platform where ASEAN and its partners engage the private sector community to discuss the future of the region.

The distress and shock from the Covid-19 pandemic have been deeply felt by the people and economies of ASEAN. On a global scale, the pandemic has shattered the world’s economy, paralyzed production and pushed many businesses to the brink of bankruptcy, while many have already fallen into it. It has caused people to stop, rethink business models and social contracts and reconsider the future of work.

 VBS 2019. 

The business sector with its dynamism, creativity, innovation and passion will be a key driver in identifying measures and steps to bounce back and ensure resilience in all economies.

This year’s theme ‘Digital ASEAN: Sustainable and Inclusive’ will discuss the importance of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in stimulating growth, trade and investment against the backdrop of the shock of the coronavirus and the many challenges facing the region.

The Summit’s program will cover four sub-themes: ASEAN’s Economic Outlook; the Future of ESG Investing in Asia; Technology and the Future of Work in ASEAN; and ASEAN Resilient, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth. Like the past summits, this year’s event would anticipate the participation of the leaders of ASEAN as well the presidents and prime ministers of ASEAN’s Dialogue Partners such as Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Russia and the US.

On November 12, the VCCI is set to hold the annual Vietnam Business Summit 2020, one of Vietnam’s most important business events.

With theme “Digitized Vietnam: Toward Resilient Responsive and Sustainable Development”, the summit would focus on discussing Vietnam’s opportunities and potentials in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic; smart logistics: the key for Vietnam to enhance its competitiveness in the global supply chain; and cooperation in innovative agriculture to contribute to global food security.

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