Vietnam stock market watchdog launches manual on sustainable bonds
Sustainable bonds are considered as an effective capital mobilization channel from the private sector for environmental and social projects.
12:06, 2021/06/08
IMF maintains Vietnam GDP growth forecast at 6.5% in 2021
Vietnam would be the second fastest growing economy in ASEAN.
20:09, 2021/09/06
ADMM+ Experts’ Working Group on peacekeeping operations opens
Peacekeeping is one of the key issues in the platform between ASEAN member states and their eight partners.
17:36, 2021/36/06
Vietnam – Algeria – Senegal seeks greater trade and investment cooperation
Vietnam is calling for investment from African enterprises as the country is the gateway to Asian market, especially ASEAN with 650 million customers.
14:54, 2021/54/23
US stimulus package will be a boon for Vietnam’s exports
Vietnam’s export growth in this year is set to be around 13-15% year-on-year, the largest expansion since 2017.
12:07, 2021/07/18
US stresses importance of ASEAN central role in Asia-Pacific
The US remains supportive for ASEAN’s efforts in negotiating for the Code of Conduct in the East Sea with China, which is in line with international laws and the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.
11:10, 2021/10/18
Vietnam calls for stronger ASEAN-Australia economic linkage amid growing uncertainties
ASEAN and Australia will accelerate the action plan for the 2020-24 period, focusing on economy-trade-investment, anti-terrorism, environmental protection and climate change.
09:02, 2021/02/15
Myanmar: Part 2 - The dilemma of the US, China and ASEAN
ASEAN couldn't be quiet on the return of the military rulers to power in Myanmar but also couldn't condemn or sanction them.
12:03, 2021/03/12
Hanoi asks Myanmar to ensure safety for Vietnamese nationals: Spokesperson
The Vietnamese mission in Myanmar is working with local authorities to timely protect its citizens.
14:40, 2021/40/11
Myanmar coup: Vietnam calls for end of violence
Vietnam says ASEAN is willing to support Myanmar on the basis of ASEAN Charter, ending the situation and protect civilians.
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