Disbursement of Vietnam public funds meets 57% of target in Jan-Sept
The result shows strong improvements in disbursing public funds in the first nine months this year.
08:04, 2020/04/02
Vietnam draws US$8.5 billion into industrial parks and economic zones in 9 months
IPs and EZs in Vietnam have attracted a total of 10,009 foreign-invested projects with total registered capital of nearly US$197.8 billion to date, 70% of which has been disbursed.
11:19, 2020/19/01
Vietnam c.bank cuts policy rates, the fourth time in 2020
The interest rate cap for deposits with maturities of one month to less than six months has been lowered to 4% annually from 4.25%.
08:39, 2020/39/01
Vietnam manufacturing activity back in growth territory in Sept
The Vietnamese manufacturing sector returned to growth in September as concerns around the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country eased.
11:10, 2020/10/30
UK foreign minister seeks trade deal in Vietnam visit
Both Vietnam and the UK are looking for a trade deal after Brexit.
11:02, 2020/02/30
Hanoi economy grows 3.27% in first 3 quarters
Hanoi targets an economic growth rate of at least 5% in the fourth quarter to ensure the goal of having GRDP growth 1.3 times as high as the national average.
11:25, 2020/25/30
Vietnam customs and USABC cooperate for trade facilitation
Both sides expected to cooperate in the distribution of potential Covid-19 vaccines in the coming time.
08:41, 2020/41/30
Effective reform efforts to help Vietnam become high-income country by 2045: WB
Covid-19 could act as a catalyst for Vietnam to speed up the digital transformation it has already embarked upon.
11:32, 2020/32/29
Vietnam favorable conditions attract French companies: MEDEF
Vietnam is a prime candidate for the ongoing shift of value chains in Asia, said a senior executive of the French Business Confederation (MEDEF) International.
11:23, 2020/23/29
Vietnam GDP growth hits 10-year low of 2.12% in Jan-Sept amid Covid-19
Although the country’s GDP growth in the third quarter is estimated at a decade-low of 2.62%, this is an improvement from the 0.36% growth in the second quarter.
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