Vietnam's trade ministry targets US$50 billion electronic exports in 2021
Vietnam has already supplied 128 million phones for the global market in the seven-month period.
14:48, 2021/48/09
Vietnam's housing prices rise amid Covid-19 outbreak
The low supply of new housing projects and growing demand are driving the market prices higher.
05:08, 2021/08/07
ASEAN-EU set to embark on free trade deal negotiation
A potential ASEAN-EU free trade agreement (FTA) should be based on existing trade deals between the EU and ASEAN members, including Vietnam.
15:21, 2021/21/05
ASEAN, Canada to initiate negotiation for FTA in 2021
Canada looked forward to working more closely with ASEAN and take the bilateral relations to a new height.
16:30, 2021/30/03
Deepening ASEAN-South Korea relations in Covid-19 response
South Korea will continue to support ASEAN in enhancing health capability and providing the bloc with Covid-19 vaccines.
16:36, 2021/36/02
Gov’t needs to focus support on high potential firms: Expert
Ineffective State-owned enterprises should be privatized and leave the playground for others to step in.
21:54, 2021/54/31
Vietnam becomes more attractive in long-term
Vietnam’s economy could take a few positives out of the pandemic and stay competitive in the long run.
16:47, 2021/47/29
Hanoi stands ready to avoid disruption of production chains amid outbreak
Close cooperation between the authorities and the business community would help ensure the economic operation is unaffected by the pandemic.
10:32, 2021/32/29
January-July FDI disbursement climbs to US$10.5 billion
Total FDI commitments to Vietnam stood at US$16.7 billion in seven months.
14:29, 2021/29/26
Finance ministry proposes US$1-billion support package for businesses affected by Covid-19
Social distancing measures in many provinces and cities are bringing enterprises, especially small and medium ones, to the brink of collapse.
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