31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Pandemic hastens digital economy
Automation could threaten jobs and reduce wage growth for low-skilled workers.
01:23, 2020/23/12
Hanoi eyes completion of e-government before 2025
By 2025, Hanoi would complete the digital infrastructure that serves as a platform for the development of digital government and economy.
06:34, 2020/34/10
Covid-19: There’s an app for that
In Asia and the Pacific government and private companies are using digital platforms to address the pandemic. They should also use them to speed their economies into recovery.
16:24, 2020/24/06
Vietnam yearns to be among top 50 countries in e-government by 2030
Vietnam's national digital transformation program targets 80% of the population having e-payment accounts by 2030.
14:04, 2020/04/03
Vietnam accelerates normalization of economic and social activities
Following 48 straight day period without new cases of Covid-19 infection, the majority of social activities have returned to normal, said Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.
18:55, 2020/55/24
Vietnam boosts cloud-computing services towards digital economy
Vietnamese enterprises aim to increase cloud-computing revenues and satisfy the need for cloud storage in Vietnam.
03:35, 2020/35/20
Covid-19 - catalyst for Vietnam to reap benefits from global digital economy
Covid-19 showed the urgency for governments to go digital, and fast with their public services, said a World Bank executive.
14:46, 2020/46/20
Digital economy to emerge as driving force for Vietnam productivity growth
While the Covid-19 pandemic is exposing Vietnam’s economic vulnerabilities, it is an opportunity for the country to step up restructuring process and address the issue of low productivity.
10:05, 2020/05/20
Covid-19 catalyzes digital transformation in Vietnam
The Covid-19 pandemic could prompt Vietnam to move forward in the digital economy.
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